Important information

Please make sure that you read and understand the Summary of Information. For any assistance, please feel free to contact our 24-hour Customer Care.

Usage of the Card

  • Your ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card can be used only in India.
  • Withdraw cash anytime from any bank ATM in India.
  • Use your Card at any merchant establishment that accepts Visa across India.
  • Shop online through websites that are Verified by Visa (VBV).

Where to apply?

  • At any of our 11 branches in UK.

Minimum / Maximum balance

  • No minimum balance required on the Card.
  • Maximum balance of ₹ 50,000 allowed at any time.
  • You cannot load more than the Indian Rupee equivalent of USD 10,000 on the Card.

How to load and reload?

Your Card can be loaded/ reloaded at any point of time subject to a maximum balance in the Card being ₹ 50,000. Any load/ reload instruction that exceeds the total balance of ₹ 50,000 on your Card will be declined. You can load/ reload your Card using any of the following methods:

Through online transfer

By transferring funds in GBP from your UK bank account to ICICI Bank UK PLC’s account (Account number –76172238, sort code 30-00-81)

  • Enter your 16 digit Indian Rupee Travel Card number in the payment remarks/reference field while transferring the amount. Without this information, we will not be able to load your Card.
  • The exchange rate applicable to the transfer will be the foreign exchange rate prevailing on the day of the successful receipt of funds.
  • The amount will be loaded in ₹ within two working days from the time of receipt of funds and a confirmation will be sent to you.

Through ICICI Bank Ltd. branches in India

You can load/reload your Card at selected ICICI Bank Ltd. branches. The list of these branches is available on www.icicibank.com and may be updated from time to time.

  • You must apply in person to reload your Card at ICICI Bank Ltd. branches in India.
  • Your Card can be reloaded in ₹ on encashment of foreign currency notes or travellers cheques.
  • Reloading is subject to the submission of corresponding forms and documents (copies of your passport, visa and immigration stamp).
  • The funds will be loaded in ₹ within two working days from the time of the request placed at the branch.

Exchange rates and charges

  • Your Card will be loaded with ₹ at the exchange rates prevailing at the time of receipt of funds. Please visit www.icicibank.co.uk/travelsolutions to know more about the prevailing exchange rates.
  • Your Card can be funded only through your nominated account held at a UK Bank or Building Society.

Closure of Card

  • You can choose to close your Card by contacting our 24-hour Customer Care
  • The Card will be closed automatically on the 170th day from the date of the first credit on the Card.

Account servicing

  • For any inquires on your Card account, please contact our 24-hour Customer Care
  • On closure of your request, ICICI Bank Ltd. will send an email to the address provided by you at the time of application.
  • Please contact us immediately if any of your contact details change.

Product offered by

Travel Card is offered by ICICI Bank Ltd., India and distributed by ICICI Bank UK PLC to the Cardholder in the United Kingdom (UK).
ICICI Bank Limited is incorporated in India. ICICI Bank UK PLC is a 100% owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Ltd.

ICICI Bank UK PLC’s role

ICICI Bank UK PLC’s role is solely to distribute the ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card to customers in the UK and assist in facilitating customer’s documentation to initiate the relationship with ICICI Bank Ltd.

Regulated by

The ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card is offered by ICICI Bank Ltd., India, which is authorised and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and governed by prevailing foreign exchange controls and other regulations stipulated by RBI for the purpose of issuing such product.


ICICI Bank Limited is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Hence, the Card is not covered under the UK compensation regimes such as Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


If you have a query or you are not satisfied about any aspect of ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card, please contact the 24-hour Customer Care.


Email: customer.care@icicibank.com

Call: 1800 22 4848 or +91 22 28307777 (from India)

080 81 31 41 51 (from UK)

How to make a complaint

We are committed to providing you a service of the highest standard. If things do go wrong, we want to correct the matter as quickly as we can. If you have a complaint, please contact ICICI Bank Ltd. by either calling our 24-hour Customer Care on 1800 22 4848/ +91 22 28307777 (from India) or 080 81 31 41 51 (free phone from UK landlines). Alternatively, you can also e-mail us at customer.care@icicibank.com.