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    Get your Credit Card Statement online

    Statement Online is a very simple, powerful and convenient way to access your Credit Card statement details. This will help you receive statements instantly without any postal delays.


    Simply sign up for Statement Online and get faster, reliable access to your account statement.


    You can subscribe to the statement by e-mail in any of the following ways :

    Mobile Alerts

    This service provides you with information about your ICICI Bank Credit Card account. You would now no longer miss a payment or exhaust your Credit limit without a warning.


    Currently, customers having Internet Banking user IDs can subscribe to the following alerts:


    [1] Due date Credit Card reminder: If you have a payment due against your Credit Card account, you would receive an alert five days prior to the due date stating the total amount due, minimum amount due and the payment due date for the Credit Card account.


    You can subscribe to the mobile alerts in any of the following ways :

    1. Log in to using your Internet Banking user ID and go to the Credit Card section. If your Credit Card is not linked to your Internet Banking user ID, please click here.
      To apply for an Internet Banking user ID, click here
    2. Call us at our 24-hour Customer Care.
    3. Send us an e-mail or inform us through

    4. All Credit Card numbers in e-mails and SMSes would be masked for additional security. These alerts would be delivered to you across the globe. If you are outside India, please append your country code to the right of you mobile number at the time of subscription. If you have more than one Credit Card account linked to your Internet Banking user ID, you would be receiving alerts for all the accounts and you need not subscribe for each account.

      We also have 'Payment Received' alert on your ICICI Bank Credit Card where you would be informed when we receive a payment on your Credit Card account. Please click here for FAQs.

      If you have any queries on ICICI Bank Mobile Banking services, please callus at our 24-hour Customer Care.