About Visa IntelliLink for Small Business (VISB)

At ICICI Bank, we believe in empowering our clients with the right solutions. In line with this vision, ICICI Bank is the first bank in India to go live with the Visa IntelliLink for Small Business.


It is a simple yet powerful web & mobile based tool to access and track detailed card and non-card transaction data. It helps in managing cash flows more efficiently by monitoring your company level expenses easily.

Key Benefits

  1. Simplified Business Card expense reporting process
  2. Role based user profiles to manage employees access to relevant information
  3. Add receipts and notes to expenses on the go
  4. Option to upload non-card transactions (cash, cheques, etc.)
  5. Transaction categorisation to help companies organise their expenses as required
  6. Access activity by merchant, card or expense category with 12 standardised reports
  7. Customised expense information to meet business needs
  8. Access to non-cardholders as well like accountants and auditors for better visibility
  9. Consolidated expense dashboards across all Business Cards issued to the Company
  10. Reports downloadable to excel, CSV and PDF

Business Advantage Card along with Visa IntelliLink tool helps businesses optimise the expense management and helps Companies focus on their core business objectives. For more details, please click here.