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Business Credit Card Savings Calculator

The travel & entertainment expenses (T&E) is the second largest controllable expense after salaries. Make all your T&E and other business expenses using Jet Airways ICICI Bank Business Advantage Card and see how it contributes to free award flights for you and your employees.


Assumptions for arriving at Savings Value for the Company

  1. Savings from JPMiles earned –
    • 80% of the overall Qualifying Expenses is considered as domestic expenses incurred in INR, these expenses earn 5 JPMiles for every ₹200 spent whereas the remaining expenses incurred in foreign currency earn 8 JPMiles for every ₹200 of equivalent spent. The expenses on Jet Airways tickets earn additional 5 JPMiles for every ₹200 spent on purchase of revenue tickets from or 25%, 50% or 75% of these JPMiles are earned in Business Rewards+ account of the company and remaining JPMiles are earned in the cardholder’s JetPrivilege account, as per the Miles Split Ratio Module (MSRM) selected.
    • All the expenses incurred on card are assumed as paid within 7 days of statement generation date using ICICI Bank Internet Banking which helps earn 1 JPMile for every ₹300 card outstanding payment. The value of this savings is also split between the company and the cardholders as per the Miles Split Ratio Module selected by the company.
    • Additional JPMiles in the form of rebate is earned in Company’s Business Rewards+ account on reaching the Qualifying Spends slab as your employees travel on Jet Airways or any of its codeshare airlines as shown below – be it domestic or international.

      Base fare spent for Jet Airways and all its codeshare airlinesAdditional JPMiles earned annually
      Up to ₹5 Lakh Up to 11,500 JPMiles
      ₹5 Lakh to ₹10 Lakh 17,000 to 35,000 JPMiles
      ₹10 Lakh to ₹15 Lakh 46,500 to 70,000 JPMiles
      ₹15 Lakh to ₹20 Lakh 87,000 to 1,16,000 JPMiles
      ₹20 Lakh and above Over 1,39,500 JPMiles

    • 70% of the expenses shown on Jet Airways is assumed as base fare.
    • Value of each JPMile is considered as ₹1.25 (please refer the mileage chart on for details). This value might vary from time to time depending on the cost of the ticket at the time of booking. For calculation purpose, the value of each mile has been taken at a rate of ₹1.25 per JPMile here.
  2. All air ticket expenses is assumed to be done at Jet Airways and all lodging expenses is assumed to be done at
  3. Savings from JPMiles earned on Lodging spends on – JPMiles earn rate varies from 4 JPMiles to 20 JPMiles on For the purpose of calculation, earn rate is considered at 10 JPMiles for every ₹100. Kaligo Business Plus account allows the option to split the earned JPMiles, between the company and the cardholders, as decided by the company subject to maximum of 80% JPMiles earned by the company. For calculation purpose, the JPMiles earned are considered with split of 50:50 between company and cardholders.
  4. Savings from 5% discount on Jet Airways tickets - Company would be eligible to earn a 5% discount on the base fare and fuel surcharge for domestic travel and 5% discount on base fare for international travel when tickets are booked through the Jet Airways Global Linker Programme. For more details, visit To calculate this benefit, a domestic ticket booking has been assumed with 80% of the value of a ticket taken as base fare and fuel surcharge.
  5. Savings on Cost of funds for interest-free credit period of up to 48 days – The value of this savings is arrived by the extended credit period of an average 7 days over the average credit period of 15 days available to the company from its vendors with cost of funds at 15% per annum. The net extended credit period is considered here after netting-off the early payments made by the company to avail card outstanding payments benefit.

Assumptions for arriving at Savings Value for the Cardholder

  1. Savings on account of JPMiles earned –
    • JPMiles earned on Qualifying Expenses as explained in assumptions for Savings value for the Company.
    • JPMiles earned on card outstanding payments as explained in assumption for Savings value for the Company.
    • Each cardholder will be eligible for 5,000 JPMiles as a joining benefit. 100% of these JPMiles are earned in the cardholder’s JetPrivilege membership account.
  2. Savings from JPMiles earned on Lodging spends on & other JetPrivilege partner spends –
    • 50% of JPMiles on account of hotel booking at Kaligo is earned in the cardholder’s JetPrivilege account.
    • 5% of the spending is assumed on JetPrivilege partners and earn accelerated JPMiles at rate 4 JPMiles for every ₹100.
  3. Savings from Complimentary Airport Lounge Access Programme – Value benefit of Airport Lounge Access is assumed at ₹1,200 per visit.
  4. Savings from Fuel Surcharge waiver – Fuel Surcharge waiver at 2.5% is assumed at monthly fueling expenses of ₹8,000.
  5. Savings from dining discounts – 5% of the spending has been assumed on dining spends at select partners under ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Programme and 15% savings is assumed on the same.
  6. Savings from Complimentary Insurance covers – Value of the insurance benefit is calculated assuming ₹2,500 per cardholder per annum.