Titanium Business Debit Card

Titanium Business Debit Card

ICICI Bank introduces the Titanium Business Debit Card packed with a host of benefits and features. Enjoy cashless transactions and avail exciting offers from time to time on travel, accommodation and other business specific categories at both domestic & international merchants. The Titanium Business Debit card also comes with a complimentary insurance cover and card protection.

High withdrawal limit & transaction limit

 Daily cash withdrawal limit at ATMDaily purchase limit at retail outlets and online websites
Domestic (in India) ₹1,00,000 ₹5,00,000
International (outside India) ₹2,00,000 ₹2,50,000


Up to 50 retail outlets and online transactions allowed per day.


EMV Chip Card Features


  • Secure transactions
  • International cash withdrawal & transactions at merchant outlets


MasterCard Offers

For more information on offers, please visit here

Complimentary Insurance Cover

With effect from October 28, 2019, the complimentary insurance feature is linked to your Savings Account. For details, click here

Zero Liability Protection

  • A unique feature which protects your Debit Card against unauthorised purchases in case of loss, theft or misplacement
  • Call our Customer Care within 15 days to report loss or misuse and provide the necessary documents

Zero Surcharge on Fuel Purchases

Fuel surcharge would not be applicable for the transactions done on ICICI Bank swipe machines at selected government fuel petrol outlets (HPCL/ IOCL/ BPCL).


ICICI Bank Debit Card holders who transact on Non-ICICI Bank swipe machines at any fuel petrol outlet would be levied surcharge amount at the discretion of the member/ acquiring bank and the surcharge shall be reversed once we receive the refund from the respective acquiring bank.


For list of fuel outlets pumps where surcharge will not be levied, click here.

Payback rewards


  • Earn 1 Payback points on every ₹ 200 spent at merchant outlets in India
  • You can earn points as follows:
 At merchant outlets in IndiaAt Indian WebsitesAt merchant outlets located outside India
PAYBACK points per ₹ 200 1 1 10



Note: You will not earn reward points on Mutual fund, Telecom, Education, Utilities, Insurance premium, Government Payments, Fuel and Post Office payment made through your ICICI Bank Debit Card


Fees & Charges


  • ₹ 250 per year + applicable Service Tax


Better tracking


  • Receive instant SMS alerts on transactions made with your Titanium Business Debit Card


Itemised billing


  • Your ICICI Bank Titanium Business Debit Card allows you to track your spends on a regular basis. The details of the purchases made on your card, along with the date, merchant's name and amount are mentioned in your bank statement.