How to Use Unifare Credit Card

To use your ICICI Bank Unifare Credit Card please follow these steps:

  • At the ENTRY gate, hold/tap your ICICI Bank Unifare Credit Card at the designated space on the turnstile for the AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gate to open. Once the gate is open, cross through to the paid area of the station.
  • Do the same at destination station for EXIT.


  • Every ENTRY into a station must be followed by an EXIT from the destination station using the same card.
  • In case of mismatch, charges will be collected as per DMRC rules.
  • The maximum stay permissible in a Delhi Metro station is 170 minutes if entry/exit is from different stations. For entry/exit from the same station it is 20 minutes. In case of overstaying beyond permissible time, penalty of Rs.10 per hour subject to a maximum of Rs.50 will be charged by DMRC.
  • The balance on your Delhi Metro Transit chip will be displayed when you tap your card at the ENTRY and EXIT gates at Delhi Metro stations. You can also check the balance at AVMs (Add Value Machine) installed at select stations or by visiting the customer service or ticketing windows. Additionally, you can also login to check the balance and transaction details on your Delhi Metro Transit chip online. Please visit for more details.

Do follow instructions mentioned on while using the card at Delhi Metro.


Please note that terms and conditions governing usage of the Delhi Metro Smart Card will also apply to the ICICI Bank Unifare Credit Card and are subject to change.