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International Student Identity Card – ISIC


The ISIC card is the only internationally UNESCO endorsed proof of bonafide student status. It is also supported by the European Council on Culture and the Andean Community of Nations. The card is recognized by universities, academic institutions, student unions, national governments, financial institutions and ministries of education around the world. This card is your passport to fantastic benefits and services world over. If you're a full time student aged 12 years+ then you're eligible for an ISIC card.

Why get an ISIC card?

ISIC cardholders gain preferential access to over 42,000 products, services or experiences in every stage and area of student life. There are a multitude of benefits on offer to ISIC cardholders. Benefits extend anywhere from entertainment, software and travel to food, museums, educational courses and sports activities. In brief:

  • Prove your student status where ever you go
  • Recognized by universities, academic institutions, student organizations, national governments and ministries of education around the world
  • Access over 42,000 student benefits and discounts in more than 130 countries
  • Save money every day both at home and abroad
  • Access student services and facilities internationally

How to avail your ISIC card on purchase of Student Travel Card?

  • Avail a Student Travel Card from any ICICI Bank branches
  • Get a free scratch card with 14-digit unique activation code
  • Log on to
  • Under the heading “Three convenient ways to get your ISIC” click on “Apply Online”
  • Select the ISIC card from the options of “Type of Cards”
  • Fill registration form with your details
  • In the registration page, put 14-digit activation code mentioned in the scratch card leaflet
  • Upload the necessary documents mentioned by ISIC on the webpage for verification
  • Click on the “Submit request button”
  • Post submit of request you will get your ISIC card in 10 business days at the postal address

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