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ICICI Bank Multicurrency Platinum Travel Card - Do's and Don'ts


  • Some of the ATM acquirers charge fees for transaction at their ATM. Please check this before usage.
  • While withdrawing cash at ATMs please select ‘Credit/Checking’ as an option when the ATM machine prompts for the type of Card/Account.
  • Most ATMs have the facility to check the balance and withdrawal option in the local currency other than base currency. Hence, there can be cross conversion charges applicable if such options chosen.
  • SMS alert facility is available only for Indian GSM/CDMA mobile phone numbers. To receive alerts while abroad, you need to have International roaming facility on your number.
  • If you happen to lose your card, report the loss by calling our Customer Care immediately.


  • Do not transact with your Travel Card for making purchases via Telephone/Mail or in any other ‘card not present’ situation. Do not use your Travel Card for pre-authorisation / initiating a rental at the time of checking-in at hotels.
  • Please do not refresh/close the window while the transaction is in process during online transactions.
  • Please do not share your ATM PIN, Web PIN or any other information related to your Travel Card to anyone, also do not write such information anywhere on your card or on any document.
  • Do not keep your replacement card along with primary card for safety reasons.
  • Please do not use your card on merchant outlets that opt for DCC - (Dynamic Currency Conversion) option at the time of settlement of your bills while swiping Travel Card.
  • Please ask the merchant to settle the transaction in the currency loaded on your Travel Card.