Samsung Pay

How to Set Up Samsung Pay for ICICI Bank Cards

How to Set Up Samsung Pay?

  • Ensure that you have the latest OS on your phone
  • Launch Samsung pay by tapping Samsung Pay icon on your device.
  • Sign In with your Samsung Account ID and Password.
  • If you don't have a Samsung Account ID then "Sign Up" using instructions on the screen.
  • Once Samsung Account set up is done, tap Samsung Pay icon and then tap "Use Fingerprint" to register your Fingerprint.
  • Apart from Fingerprint, you can set up Samsung Pay Pin for payment Authentication. To set up Samsung Pay Pin, use " Skip and Use Samsung Pay Pin" on Verification method page.
  • Now you are ready for your Card registration.
  • Tap Add to add your Debit/Credit Card.
  • The camera opens within the app. Use camera to Auto read your Card details. You can also enter the details manually.
  • Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your identity through an OTP which you will receive via SMS. If you are unable to see the SMS option, please select ‘Call Bank’ to enable yourself for tele-verification by our customer care team before registration..

Payment security

Samsung Pay uses leading edge tokenization and authentication methods to secure payment information. Samsung Pay also uses biometrics as a security measure, enabling users to authenticate Samsung Pay via fingerprint or Secured PIN. In addition to the security measures implemented by Samsung Pay, Samsung’s KNOX service constantly monitors suspicious activity within the device to protect from any malicious attacks


Tokenization is a method of replacing your sensitive payment card information (Card Number, Expiration Date, Security code, etc.) with a device-specific ‘Token’ which acts as a surrogate value. In mobile payments, Tokens are used to protect payment information and to reduce the security risks inherent to plastic cards.