Visa Fast Funds

Presenting the faster, simpler, safer and better way of sending money from abroad to India - ICICI Bank Visa Fast Funds service is here. Visa Fast Funds is a fund transfer service offered by ICICI Bank using Visa's reliable, safe and global payment system.

How it Works

  • Sender transacts with a Visa accredited bank / financial institution
  • Sender provides the beneficiary's ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card Number along with other information as required
  • Beneficiary receives the remittances within a few minutes
  • Beneficiaries who have registered their mobile Number with ICICI Bank also receive a mobile SMS alert for amounts more than Rs. 5,000


Faster - Receive money immediately, any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Simpler - Transaction only requires beneficiary's ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card number


Safer - No more hassles for beneficiary to visit a location and carry / store cash at home


Convenient - Immediate SMS alert for beneficiaries registered for mobile alerts


Transparent - Charges paid by sender, no fees payable by beneficiary


Better - Use your ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card directly at a merchant POS or withdraw the money at the nearest ATM