PAYBACK Prime Membership

Prime membership brings an exclusive crafted benefit for ICICI Bank Debit Card holders to enjoy a rewarding shopping experience.


Avail benefits worth more than Rs. 20,000 annually.
This programme offers 4,800 bonus PAYBACK points & 10% points bank on redemption to its members.
You also receive guaranteed gift vouchers /discount coupons worth Rs. 20,000 from leading brands across categories like apparel, dining, entertainment, magazines, travel and more.

Membership features and benefits:

1. Super Earn Rate: Unlock 4,800 bonus PAYBACK points across a membership year

Description: 400 bonus points will be credited each month.

Specifics: Customers can earn 20 points from their ICICI Bank Debit Card every month.


  • For every month, the eligibility of bonus points will be calculated by 15th of the next month
  • All customers who are eligible for 400 bonus points will have their points credited to their account by 20th of the next month.

2. Monthly Bonus Bonanza

Win up to 50,000 PAYBACK points each month on qualifying for the Bonus Bonanza.


  • Grand Prize: 50,000 PAYBACK points X 1
  • Second Prize: 25,000 PAYBACK points X 1
  • Third Prize: 10,000 PAYBACK points X 3.


To qualify, the customer must do 4 valid transactions worth Rs. 500 or more, across PAYBACK partners.


  • A member can be a winner of the Monthly Bonanza only once in a membership year
  • Winners will be communicated of their bonus points credit via e-mail and SMS on their registered e-mail ID and contact number.

3. Special Redemption Discount

Get 10% points back when you redeem a product through the PAYBACK Rewards Catalogue.

Get 10% points back on each redemption transaction on the Rewards Catalogue.


Customer can get a maximum of 2,000 points back in a membership year.


  • Credit of points back to the customer’s account will take place within 10-12 working days from the date of redemption
  • Communication will also be sent across to customers on their registered e-mail ID and contact number.

4. Retro Credit

Earn missed points on any transaction across offline PAYBACK partners.

Upload invoice of transaction across any offline PAYBACK partner in the last 30 days, to earn missed points.


Customer must upload the transaction invoice and send an e-mail to .


  • Credit of points back to the customer’s account will take place within 10-12 working days from the date of invoice upload
  • Communication will also be sent across to customers on their registered e-mail ID.

5. Pool-in Points with Family and Friends

Pool-in points from family and friends.


Redeem any product through the PAYBACK Rewards Catalogue by pooling in points from family or friends.


Customer makes request for redemption by pool-in option at PAYBACK Customer Care. The PAYBACK Customer Care to validate the request for transfer of points and real-time redemption of product carried out via Rewards Catalogue.


  • A PAYBACK prime member can send or receive points to/ from a PAYBACK member
  • A member must provide the PAYBACK Customer Care with information of the member they wish to transfer points to/ from.

6. World of Offers

Avail exclusive year-round discounts and benefits across partner brands.

Exclusive vouchers and discounts across leading brands through the membership year.


Vouchers offered to customers will be on a rolling basis through the membership year.


  • The customer will receive a welcome e-kit to their registered e-mail address with direct discount offers and benefits. All offer details will be mentioned in the e-kit and the ICICI Bank PAYBACK Prime terms and conditions
  • The customer shall also receive a brochure, along with welcome vouchers that will be sent to their registered address for the first year. Customer will receive an e-kit, if membership is renewed for the next year.

ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services for corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and specialised subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life, non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The bank has a network of over 4,800 branches and 14,900 ATMs in India, and has a presence in 17 countries including India.

Use your ICICI Bank Debit Card along with your PAYBACK card, whenever you shop at PAYBACK partners to multiply your earn. To know your PAYBACK card number, please call ICICI Bank Customer Care.

Earn PAYBACK points* on purchases with your ICICI Bank Debit Card as per the following structure:


Card typeAt Indian merchant outlets/ websitesOverseas
Silver 1 10
Gold 1 10
Titanium 4 10
Platinum 6 10
World 6 10
Infinite/ Signature 10 10
Coral 6 10
Rubyx 6 10
Sapphiro 6  10


*On every Rs. 200 spent.


Note: You will not earn PAYBACK points on Mutual fund, Telecom, Education, Utilities, Insurance premium, Government Payments, Fuel and Post Office payment made through your ICICI Bank Debit Card.