Debit Online

Use your Debit Card online

Now you can use ICICI Bank Debit Card* online on all leading websites - it is easy, convenient and safe!


Whether it is travel or movie tickets, hotel reservations, shopping for luxuries or just everyday things, paying utility bills or making investments - you can do it safely from the comfort of your home.


For doing an online transactions, all you need to do is to register your card with ICICI Bank for Verified by Visa / Master Secure Code. The registration shall provide added protection or safety against fraudulent transaction on your card, even if you misplace or lose it.

4 Simple Steps to make online payment

4 Simple Steps to Register

  1. Log on to a website for online transaction
  2. Select the items and Click on Make Payment Sector
  3. Enter your debit card number, cvv and expiry date
  4. Enter Your Six digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to Complete the process

Next time you use your debit card online, you will be prompted to enter your six digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) so that nobody other than you is able to transact with your card.