What all I can use my Debit Card for payments abroad?

While there are endless possibilities how you card comes handy while you travel, here’s a small list –

  1. Dining – Whatever be the cuisine, enjoy every delicacy with your debit card
  2. Travel booking – Embark your international journey by booking your travel with your debit card. Be it air ticket, hotel or cab, your card is accepted for every travel need
  3. Shopping – Get access to your favorite international brand, be it apparel or electronic, buy all your souvenirs and make your travel memorable with your debit card

Is it secure to use your card abroad or on international websites?

Yes, it is secure to use your card globally as :

  • ICICI Bank issues EMV chip debit cards for international usage. These cards have all card data encrypted in a micro chip, which is difficult to duplicate. Thus it protects your card from skimming. To get your chip card, contact our 24 hour customer care
  • Cardholder reserves rights for chargeback in case of any dispute with regards to online transaction*

What are the charges?

The following charges apply


Mark up Fee 3.5% + GST
ATM Cash withdrawal Fee abroad Rs. 125 + GST
Balance Enquiry abroad Rs. 25 + GST

Does my card get me offers abroad?

Yes, your Card comes with wide network of Visa/MasterCard and shall entitle for the following benefits:-

You get 10X PAYBACK points for every Rs. 200 spent internationally, Be it online or at any Merchant website.


To know more offers on your card click on below links:


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