Air Accident Insurance

Provides cover in case of any unfortunate event that leads to loss of life in an air accident.

Accident Hospitalization Benefit

Covers the reimbursement of medical expenses subject to the sum insured, incurred due to hospitalization in case of rail/ road accident.

Travel Insurance

Provides cover for a variety of travel related incidents in the event of international travel:

  • Loss of checked-in baggage
  • Loss of travel documents
  • Bags missing in transit
  • Flight delays
  • Missing flight due to transshipment

Lost Card Liability

Protects against unauthorised transactions in case of loss or theft of card.

Purchase Protection

Protects against fire and burglary of goods purchased on your ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Credit Shield

Provides for the payment of the card outstanding amount in case of accidental death.

Counterfeit Card Liability

Protects against fraudulent transactions made by a third person by fraudulently printing, embossing, or encoding the card to make it appear as a genuine card and use it for making transactions.

Account Takeover Cover

Protects in case of an event wherein your personal details have been accessed by a third person and are subsequently misused to get a new physical card or loan from the bank using your name.

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