Extra Rewards

You can redeem your PAYBACK Points from many options – from movie and travel vouchers to lifestyle products, mobiles, appliances and more. With your ICICI Bank Credit Card and PAYBACK, shopping is truly rewarding!

  • Earn 2 PAYBACK Points on every Rs. 100 spent on your card (except fuel).
  • Earn 1 PAYBACK Point on every Rs.100 spent on utilities and insurance categories.
  • Under the new ICICI Bank Milestone Rewards program, get 2000 PAYBACK Points on spending Rs. 2,00,000 on your card and 1000 PAYBACK Points each time you cross Rs. 1,00,000 spend thereafter in an anniversary year; maximum of 10,000 PAYBACK Points per year.

The reward points you earn get accumulated with PAYBACK every month and can be redeemed for cash or gifts of your choice.

Each PAYBACK Points is equivalent to Rs. 0.25. Please call on 080-40146444* to redeem. The equivalent cash amount will be credited to your credit card account within 7 working days.

*Standard call charges apply

Please call PAYBACK on 1860-258-5000*, or place an online request for redemption at www.payback.in. You will receive the gift of your choice within 10 working days.

*Standard call charges apply


Discover how your ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card can deliver savings of Rs 11,175 every year.


Savings on your Spends
On-going benefits & savings on yearly spends of Rs 3,60,000 Savings (in Rs)
25% discount on movie tickets with BookMyShow and Inox* 2,400
Cash rewards on annual spend of Rs 3,00,000** 1,425
Milestone rewards on a spend of Rs 3,00,000 750
Access to MasterCard or Visa Airport Lounge*** 4,000
Waiver of 1% fuel surcharge on Rs 5,000 spent every month on fuel**** 600
Complimentary access to Railway Lounge in India***** 2,000
Total Savings 11,175

*This is based on the assumption that card holder will avail the offer twice in a month and the total cost of two tickets per transaction is Rs.400. The capping on discount per transaction is Rs.100. The actual rate of ticket may vary for every movie theatre
** This is based on the assumption that the cardholder will spend 10% of the total spending on utilities and insurance. On these categories, one PAYBACK Point is accrued on per Rs 100 spent on card.
***This is based on the assumption that the cardholder is visiting 1 MasterCard/Visa affiliated airport lounges every quarter.
**** 1% fuel surcharge waiver is available on all transactions below Rs 4,000. Fuel surcharge waiver is available on fuel purchases at HPCL petrol pumps when the card is swiped on the ICICI Merchant Services swipe machine.
***** This is based on the assumption that the cardholder is visiting affiliated railway lounges once every quarter

Disclaimer: The above chart is purely for illustration purposes and is merely indicative in nature. The information provided regarding products, services, offers, benefits, reward programmes etc. of ICICI Bank/third party are governed by the detailed terms and conditions, internal policy guidelines as specified by ICICI Bank/third party from time to time and are subject to applicable laws and regulations. Actual benefits/savings/rewards will be based on the total spends on the credit cards and spends on various reward categories by the cardholders. Cardholders are requested to make an independent analysis and their own assessment, evaluation and judgement on the information mentioned hereinabove. The benefits, offers, reward points etc. will be available only on those merchant establishments with whom ICICI Bank and MasterCard/Visa have a tie up.

The information provided hereinabove does not amount to an offer, sponsor or advice as regards to any product or services of ICICI Bank or any of its group companies or third parties and is not intended to create any rights or obligations in this regard. ICICI Bank does not undertake any liability or responsibility for the details, accuracy, completeness, not-errors or correctness of any content or information provided hereinabove. Any dispute or claim regarding the goods, services brought about by the third party must be resolved by the cardholder with the third parties directly without any reference to ICICI Bank.

Not Sure About Which Credit Card ?

Choose the best Credit Card for you that suits your needs. ICICI Bank Credit Cards offer a host of benefits and offers to cater to your needs.

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Popular FAQs

What is the credit period for credit card?

Credit free period of 48 days depends on your statement date.

Are there any interest charges on my credit card ?

If you make a payment for the Total Amount Due before the Payment Due Date, no interest charges are applicable. Thus you can enjoy interest-free credit from the date of purchase to the date on which the payment is due. Interest-free period could range from 18 to 48 days.

Interest will be charged if you do not pay back the Total Amount Due of the previous month statement by the payment due date. Interest will be charged on the Total Amount Due and on all new transactions till such time as the previous outstanding amounts are paid in full. Also, interest will be levied on all cash advances from the date of the transaction until the date of settlement.

What if I cross credit limit on my credit card?

If you make a transaction that exceeds your available credit limit, ICICI Bank will use its discretion and decide whether or not to approve the transaction. If the transaction is approved, an over-limit charge would be levied to the card account. The over-limit charge is 2.5% of the amount by which the credit limit is exceeded (subject to a minimum charge of Rs.500).

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