Visa PayWave

Your ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa Contactless Credit Card comes with a unique in-built Visa payWave payment technology. All you have to do is tap your card to make quick and secure payments at retail outlets.

Contactless payments are safe and secure

  • You don't need to enter your PIN - just touch your card on the reader*
  • The card never leaves your hand, reducing the risk of card loss or counterfeit
  • Payments supported by state-of-the-art multi-level security protections, safeguarding your card data

How to make payments

At Visa payWave enabled merchants:

  • Check the transaction amount entered by the merchant on the POS (Point of Sale) machine
  • Tap/hold your card close to the machine (within 4 cm) till you see a green light or hear a beep

Click here to see the list of merchants enabled for Visa payWave in your city


At all other merchants:

  • Dip the credit card into the POS machine
  • Merchant enters the transaction amount on the machine
  • Check the transaction amount displayed on the POS machine
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN on the machine

A receipt is generated signifying the successful completion of the transaction


*Please note that the requirement for PIN entry on the POS terminal at the merchant outlet is a function of country specific regulations and is subject to change. PIN input is not mandated for purchases below the permissible local limit.
Please note that the permissible transaction limit for usage of cards in contactless mode in India is mandated by RBI and may change from time to time based on the latest regulations. As per RBI notification on Additional Factor authentication for contactless transactions dated May 14, 2015, PIN input is not required on the POS terminal at the merchant outlet for contactless transactions up to a maximum value of Rs. 5,000 per transaction. Additionally, beyond this transaction limit, (above Rs. 5,000) the card has to be processed in Chip & PIN mode and authentication with PIN is mandatory.
Taking into account the RBI notification, existing POS terminals which had been configured to prompt for a PIN for contactless transactions of all amounts, are currently being upgraded by acquiring Banks. In view of this, some terminals may prompt for PIN for transactions below Rs. 5,000 and also allow contactless transactions (with PIN) above the permissible limit of Rs. 5,000 until such upgrade is carried out.


Please click here for FAQ regarding contactless payments