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Powered by Visa CodeSure

ICICI Bank Carbon, powered by Visa CodeSure, is a revolutionary new credit card form factor with an in-built microprocessor; designed to give you additional safety for online transactions.

It incorporates an alpha-numeric LCD screen, a 12-button touch keypad and an in-built battery with a lifespan of 3 years. Available in Asia for the first time, ICICI Bank Carbon enables you to generate highly secure One-Time Passcodes (OTP) for online transactions on the card itself, effectively eliminating the risk of fraud.

As a one-time activity, you need to register for Visa CodeSure and create your unique 4-digit CodeSure PIN. This CodeSure PIN can then be used to generate dynamic passcodes on your ICICI Bank Carbon for online transactions.


ICICI Bank Carbon can be used just like any other ICICI Bank Visa Credit Card to complete transactions at merchant outlets and ATMs. However, the below mentioned unique features of this card enable you to generate highly secure dynamic passcodes for online transactions on the card plastic itself.




LCD Screen

Now you can generate dynamic One-Time Passcodes (OTP) on this screen using your 4-digit CodeSure PIN.


12-button touch keypad

The 12-button touch keypad enables you to enter your 4-digit CodeSure PIN to generate dynamic passcodes on the LCD screen.


Microprocessor and a Battery

Available with a lifespan of 3 years.

Register/Change your CodeSure PIN


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