Payment Biller - View Demo

Biller registration

Step 1

Log in with your Internet Banking User ID and password and click on “Payment and Transfers” and select Bill Payments Option


Step 2

Click on Manage Billers > Register Biller from the LHS Menu and input details of your State, Category, Biller type



Step 3

Add your biller details, Read the terms and conditions and click on Next


Step 4

Confirm details and click “Submit” 


Step 5

Your Biller will be successfully registered with a reference id


Step 6

To make a payment click on Manage Billers on LHS Menu and select My registered Billers, Select your biller and click on Make Payment


Step 7

Enter the Amount and remarks and click on Next


Step 8

Confirm details you have entered, Enter your grid card and One time password and click submit


Step 9

Your transaction will be completed and you will be shown a transaction reference number


Step 10

To view completed transactions, click on "Transaction Status" and "View Completed Transactions"