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Tanishq Offers - Tanishq Delightful Deposit


Traditionally, we purchase jewellery for special occasions like weddings and festivals. To help you save systematically for such purchases, we are pleased to bring you Tanishq Jewellery Plan (TJP) in partnership with Tanishq that marks the coming together of 2 most trusted India corporate entities of repute and scale known for offering only the best to their customers. This is essentially a Recurring Deposit (RD) that helps you save regularly and also gives you an added benefit from Tanishq – a smart way to purchase world class jewellery!


How it works

  • Open a Tanishq Delightful Deposit for a minimum amount of Rs. 3000 per month with the instruction to transfer the proceeds to a Tanishq Jewellery Card on maturity
  • At the time of maturity, get 80% of the first instalment value in the form of RD interest ( currently at 6.90%*) + additional benefit from Tanishq
  • After paying 12 equal instalments, on maturity, the proceeds of your RD maturity will be transferred to a Tanishq Jewellery Card to facilitate your jewellery purchase. The additional benefit by Tanishq shall be added at the time of purchase. The card would expire in 1 year.
  • Present this Tanishq Jewellery Card at any Tanishq boutique to make the payment while purchasing Tanishq jewellery, except for gold coins and silver articles**

Here is an example that will explain how it works:


Monthly RD Instalment (₹)Principal Amount (₹)ICICI Bank Interest * (₹)Tanishq Contribution Amount (₹)Total Amount (₹)
3,000 36,000 1,316 1,034 38,400
5,000 60,000 2,277 1,723 64,000
10,000 120,000 4,554 3,446 128,000

How to apply?


Existing ICICI Bank customers can open a Jewellery Recurring Deposit in any of 3 simple ways:



1. Online: Apply online now through your ICICI Bank Internet Banking Account, Click on ‘Delightful Deposits’ under Open Deposits and open your Tanishq Jewellery Plan


iMobile 2. iMobile: Navigate through ‘Accounts & Deposits’ > Deposits > Open RD > Select Delightful Deposit Tab on the top right corner and open your Delightful Deposits- Tanishq Jewelry Plan in partnership with Tanishq. Currently available on Android only


3. New customers can click here to get started or SMS EDGE TNQ to 5676766 to get a callback on savings product details.


Terms & Conditions:

*Interest rates are subject to change.
Senior Citizens are applicable for 0.5% additional interest rate.

Disclaimer: The numbers and data used for the above calculation are for illustrative purposes only, original numbers may vary.
Terms & Conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply. ICICI Bank is not responsible for third party products, goods, services and offers.
**Partial Redemption of the Gift Card & Cash Refund is not available. The transaction has to be greater than or equal to 100% utilization of the entire amount of Gift Card(Principle Amount + RD Interest+ additional benefit awarded by Tanishq).Redemption would be to facilitate Jewelry purchase only, not on Gold coins, Jewelry cleaning kit, silverware, or Gift Cards. TDS on RD maturity if any, will be borne by customer.



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