Delightful Deposits - Recurring Deposit with Rewarding Experience!

Presenting a new savings solution - Delightful Deposits! Delightful Deposits are Recurring Deposits (RD) in association with our partners from sectors like travel, jewellery and electronics. Delightful Deposits gives you more than the RD interest, in the form of a top-up amount from our partner.

Currently, we have four Delightful Deposits, in association with four top brands.

Croma Delightful Deposit

Pay Less and Buy More with Croma Delightful Deposit.

With this Delightful Deposit, you can save for 12 months and get up to 2 months installment, in the form of interest from ICICI Bank and a top-up amount from Croma.

Delight yourself by using the maturity proceeds from Delightful Deposit to buy electronics from a Croma store near you.

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