Choose Your Account Number

Choose Your Account Number

With ICICI Bank Savings Account, you can now select an account number of your own choice. So be it your most memorable moment or your favourite or lucky number, the choice is yours.


You can choose the last 6 digits of the 12 digit Account Number


Eligibility Criteria

This feature is available to all resident customers opening Savings Account with Minimum Average Balance (MAB) of Rs. 25,000 and above.

Product features of this account

All product features of respective Savings Account variants with MAB of Rs. 25,000 and above would be offered.

How to avail this service

To block your new Account Number, you would need to fill a request form at any ICICI Bank branch.

Details required for blocking an Account Number

PAN Card and valid KYC documents are mandatory to block an Account Number

What if you want to select less than 6 digits?

You can then prefix your selected number with '0' on the request form. For example, if your selected number is '9', then mention your choice of account number as '000009' on the request form.

What's More?

You can also carry your most memorable moment on the Debit Card by applying for Expressions Debit Card through our website, once your account gets activated.


So, hurry, block your favourite number today!