Advantage to Employers

As an organisation, you can opt for our Salary Account to enable easy disbursements of salaries and enjoy numerous other benefits mentioned below:

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Salary Account for your employees - no worries of maintaining minimum balance in the account.

Large branch and ATM Network

Large network of over 5,200 branches and 15,600 ATMs

Reduced Paperwork

Negate the requirement of cumbersome paperwork pertaining to salaries or maintenance of records.

Special Offerings

With ICICI Bank Salary Account your employees enjoy:

  1. Attractive offers on loans and credit cards
  2. Free anywhere banking facility
  3. Privileges of 8-8 banking and
  4. Investment advisory

Special Offers for Defence

We salute the brave men and women who defend our nation, and hence are proud to introduce Defence Banking Services for armed forces.

Simple Procedure

With ICICI Bank Salary Accounts, you can credit salaries through online platform, bulk NEFT else all you would require to do is to send ICICI Bank an advice (in form of a cheque/debit instruction, ECS, etc) for the total salary amount along with the salary details of the designated employees in a soft and hard copy format and we will credit the respective employees' accounts as per your statement of advice.

National Pension Scheme

ICICI Bank is also registered with PFRDA to offer NPS (National Pension Scheme) services corporate customers.
The Corporate can claim tax benefits for the amount contributed towards pension of employees under 80CCD (2).

Employee Reimbursement Account

Reimbursement account can be opened simultaneously along with the salary account. The company can opt to disburse expenses for travel, food etc. through reimbursement accounts.