Defence Pension Scheme


The Defence Pension is a pension fund for the three wings of the armed forces and the civilian employees working in Defence establishments, where the Government of India contributes on behalf of the employee with an aim of retirement planning of the Defence personnel.


ICICI Bank has received formal authorization/ permission from the Ministry of Defence whereby the individual pensioners could receive their monthly pensions through their ICICI Bank accounts

  • PCDA, Allahabad and PCDA Pune issue the Pension Payment Orders (PPO)
  • The PPOs are sent through linked ICICI Bank branches to the Pension Paying Branches mentioning the Pension Account number which the pensioner has already furnished.

Pension is periodically paid through the Central Pension Processing Cell, Mumbai

Customer Testimonials

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to record my most sincere appreciation for e-mailing pdf of Pension Statement for the month of May 2016. I sincerely hope this practice will continue regularly in the future, as well. Receipt of monthly Pension Statement is of immense value for the Pensioners.

Rear Admiral Sushil Ramsay (Retired).

"Thanks for your promptness and positive attitude to solve problems of the elderly."

Col Devinder Chandhok