Share Goals

It always feels good when your friends and family cheer you as you get closer to your achievements. Plus, when you choose to share on Facebook, who knows, a generous pal or relative may just contribute towards your goal to help you get there faster.

1. Enable sharing

Simply click on "Sharing" tab on the top bar and enable your sharing settings to connect it to your Facebook account.

2. FB connect

Click on "Connect with Facebook" and enter your Facebook login credentials.

3. Choose who can see it

The Facebook app that opens lets you choose groups like family, close friends, etc. with whom you wish to share your posts.

4. Customize your avatar

You can also have fun customizing your avatar to match your personality and enter a display name.

5. Goal Sharing Settings

Choose which goals you wish to share on Facebook and customize details to be shared.

6. Auto-Post Settings

Choose the instances when auto-posts should be done on your Facebook account for goals that you have shared under Goal Sharing settings.