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A dream holiday often remains just a dream, due to the expense and effort involved in planning for it. But now you can plan for a holiday at your dream destination across the world with Thomas Cook iWish flexible Recurring Deposit (RD).

Start saving for future holidays today itself with Thomas Cook iWish flexible RD. On maturity of your travel iWish, you get a top-up from Thomas Cook along with interest from ICICI Bank to purchase the holiday package of your choice.

How it works

Open an iWish flexible RD in the travel category for a minimum tenure of six months and sign up for the Thomas Cook benefit.

Earn interest on your iWish flexible RD at the same rate as a regular RD.

On maturity, the proceeds of your iWish (principal + interest) will be transferred to Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook will top-up your maturity amount with an additional benefit on the basis of the table below

You can then use the complete amount- iWish maturity (principal + interest) + additional benefit from Thomas Cook - to purchase from wide range of Indian and international holiday packages available at Thomas Cook.

Package cost range (iWish maturity amount INR)Additional benefit from Thomas Cook (INR)
35,000 - 75,000 1,800
75,001 - 1,25,000 3,000
1,25,001 – 1,75,000 4,800
1,75,001 – 2,25,000 6,000

How to apply

Start an iWish flexible RD within the travel category using Internet Banking or iMobile app. On successful creation of your iWish with a minimum tenure of six months, an offer from Thomas Cook will be displayed to you. On availing of the offer, your iWish amount at maturity will be transferred to Thomas Cook who will top it up with the additional benefit. The complete amount - iWish maturity (principal + interest) + additional benefit from Thomas Cook-can then be used to purchase a holiday package from Thomas Cook. This particular offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

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Name justify @WISH
by Soumyaranjan Sahoo on Feb 24, 2020

I can deposit money as per to my wish at any time in the month on my iWish account. Really like this product due to its flexibility and no penalty charge.

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