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Save for Big dreams, little at a time!


Make your wishes come true! Set an iWish flexible Recurring Deposit to plan for your higher education, vacations, wedding, buying a gadget or anything you dream of.

iWish is a unique online flexible Recurring Deposit where you create goals to save for your dreams. It works like a Recurring Deposit which gives you added flexibility of depositing any amount at any point in the tenure.


Popular iWish Goals

Save up for your dreams with iWish

Save up for your dreams with iWish

Save up for your dreams with iWish

Looking for a dream vacation, new bike or some jewellery? Set a goal amount and a completion time to save it, start saving and investing every month or whenever you have extra funds.

Also, earn interest rates like Recurring Deposits (RD) or Fixed Deposits (FD).

Compare FD Vs RD Vs iWish

FeaturesFixed DepositRecurring DepositiWish Flexible RD
Wish Focused Saving
Track Wish Progress
No penalty for missed payments NA
Can I save for multiple wishes
Deposit Amounts Fixed One-Time Amount Fixed Monthly Amount Any Amount
Deposit Dates One-Time Deposit Fixed Monthly Deposit Date Any Time



Chhota Savings for iWish


iWish Chhota Savings is an enabler which helps you reach the target amount faster by rounding off your day-to-day transactions such as fund transfer or bill payments and auto investing the amount in your respective iWish.

You can enable this for any one iWish. There are now three round-off options available — Rs 50, Rs 100 and Rs 500. With this feature, you can now save up for your dreams while spending money. Click here to know more.

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Why choose iWish Flexible Recurring Deposit?

  • Convenience to choose when and how much to save
  • iWish flexible Recurring Deposit gives you the same interest rate as RD/FD
  • Multiple deposits can also be made in one month.
  • Online tracking of Recurring Deposits made
  • No penalty or charges for missed deposits

Customer Reviews

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New to market
by Subhankar Mohanty on Jul 14, 2019

Very good product and new to market. It will be definitely give some boost for personal goals.

Most flexible RD ever
by Aakash Saxena on Jul 14, 2019

iWish RD is very flexible and gives better interest also.

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