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Salute Doctors Banking Solutions

Salute Doctors Banking Solutions

Presenting Salute Doctors Banking Solutions, designed exclusively for doctors.

Powered by ICICI STACK, we bring to you quick, secure, digital solutions and many exciting offers, designed to take care of you at various life-stages. These time saving solutions are designed keeping in mind the financial needs of medical professionals like you and your entire universe, consisting of your family, professional, business, lifestyle and wealth banking requirements. These will help you dedicate more time healing lives because when running against the clock, every moment is precious.

Key solutions on offer:

  • Relationship Banking: Flexibility to maintain a balance across Current Account, Savings Account or Fixed Deposits*
  • Premium Banking Solutions with a dedicated Relationship Manager to cater to your Business and Personal Banking requirements
  • Relationship Pricing with easy access to loans*
  • Special Prices on a wide range of products, including Demat, Trading, Global Markets, Real Estate solutions, Remittances and Lockers
  • Best-in-Class lifestyle offers for everyone in the family.

Discover a new banking experience that offers solutions, saves on your time and keeps up with your hectic schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are benefits of availing the ICICI Bank Salute Doctors Account?

Benefits of availing the ICICI Bank Salute Doctors Account proposition:

  1. You need to maintain a balance in all your accounts with ICICI Bank separately
  2. You get an option to maintain a lower minimum Monthly Average Balance at the family level, by linking all your accounts held in ICICI Bank to the Salute Doctors Family ID
  3. You can combine the Current and Savings Account of self and family under one Family ID
  4. You will not be charged for non-maintenance of balance at the Family ID level
  5. Your Fixed Deposit held with ICICI Bank in your Current and Savings Account will also be considered in the overall balance calculation at the Family ID level.

What is the eligibility criteria to opt for the ICICI Bank Salute Doctors Account?

You should have one Current Account and one Savings Account linked to the Family ID to avail an ICICI Bank Salute Doctors Account.

Who all are eligible for the Salute Doctor’s proposition?

  1. Doctors who do not have any Savings or Current Account relationship with us
  2. Doctors who are existing Current Account holders of ICICI Bank but do not have a Savings Account
  3. Doctors who are existing Savings Account holders of ICICI Bank but do not have a Current Account
  4. Doctors who are existing Current and Savings Account holders of ICICI Bank but are not linked to the CASA Family ID.

What is minimum and maximum number of family members that can be linked to a Salute Doctors Account Family ID?

Minimum 2 members i.e. 1 Primary member (Savings Account) and 1-member account (Current Account) are required to form a CASA Family. Maximum 6 members i.e. 1 Primary member (Savings Account) and up to 5 additional family members (combination of Savings and Current Account) are required to create a CASA Family ID.

I am an existing Current Account holder of ICICI Bank. Can I avail this facility?

Yes. You can avail this facility by opening a Salute Doctors Account and linking it under the Family ID. A linking request can be given at the time of opening your Savings Account. For additional details, you can visit the nearby branch or call your Relationship Manager.

To locate the nearest branch, Click here

Can I link my minor kids account as well in a Salute Doctors Account Family ID?

Yes, the acceptable relations for Savings Account linking are parents, spouse, siblings, children, in-laws and your HUF.

What are the charges for non-maintenance of balance in this Account?

Charges Applicable for a Salute Doctors Account: Click here

For Family Banking: A balance is required to be maintained at the Family ID level for a Salute Doctors Account and if the required average balance as per product type i.e. Gold or Titanium is not maintained for a quarter, the family will delinked.

What are the benefits of a Current Account available under a Salute Doctors Account?

There are various types of Smart Business Accounts that are available to meet all your business requirements. To get complete details for a Current Account and its benefits and features, Click here .

What are the charges of a Current Account?

To get the complete details of services and charges for a Current Account, Click here .

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