With ICICI Bank’s Bank@Campus, your child can now transact from his account at the click of a mouse. Bank@Campus is a technology-enabled service, which allows your child to get the bank account to his computer screen. He need not visit the branch at all. Maximum convenience and easy access.


Yes, your child can now surf the Net and access all the details of his / her account at the click of a mouse!


No need to visit the bank branch at all.

In addition, your child gets:

  • Free personalised cheque book
  • Free Phone Banking
  • Free ICICI Bank Ncash Debit Card
  • Free transfer of funds into his / her account from any ICICI Bank account
  • Free supplementary credit card (if you have an ICICI Bank Credit card*)
  • Annual statement of accounts

*Issuance of card at the discretion of ICICI Bank.


**Bank@Campus is offered to students from select institutes only at the discretion of ICICI Bank.