Tax Saver FD (Fixed Deposit)

Choice of Plans

Choose from a Traditional Plan that pays interest monthly/quarterly basis your convenience or a Reinvestment Plan that pays interest compounded quarterly and reinvested with the principal amount.

Tax Saving

Get a tax exemption on your savings under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Accounts and Investment

You can make a minimum investment of ₹10,000 and maximum ₹150,000 for a duration of 5 years.


Nominate a single nominee to your account proceeds, whether held solely or jointly. Applicants are required to fill a form prescribed under the Banking Companies (Nomination Rules), 1985. For more details, please visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch.

Convenient Booking

  • Other Bank VISA Debit Card
  • ICICI Bank ATM / Debit Card
  • ICICI Bank Internet Banking
  • ICICI Bank Phone Banking
  • ICICI Bank Branch
    • Login to using Internet Banking user ID and password
    • Click on Open Fixed/Recurring deposit in "My Accounts" section
    • Click on open Tax Saver Deposit


Invest your money for a period of 5 years.


*As per the Term deposit scheme, 2006, issued by the Central Government of India, the above Fixed Deposit scheme will not have the following facilities:

Premature withdrawal, Loan against Fixed Deposit and Auto-renewal facility.