Wouldn't it be nice if you could be rewarded for helping your loved ones fulfill their dreams? The ICICI Bank Referral Programme helps you do just that! Refer ICICI Bank products and services to your family and friends, and get exciting rewards in return.


The ICICI Bank Referral Programme gives you access to all the products that are available for referring at any point of time. You only need a valid mobile number to create your referral account, and you can refer products to your family and friends via Facebook or e-mail. What's more, you can track the status of each referral made from your account itself.

Earn exciting rewards

At any point of time, there could be multiple products which have active referral programmes running and you can stand to win rewards for each. What's more, every active referral programme could also have rewards at different stages, giving you the opportunity to multiply your rewards. For more details on the active referral programmes, click here.

Single view of referrals across multiple products

Your referral account allows you to track and monitor the referrals you have made, the status of each and also the related rewards received.

Simple and secure login

Logging in to your account at the referral programme is as simple as entering your mobile number and a Unique Reference Number that would be sent via SMS. So you do not need to remember any more usernames and passwords, while enjoying secure access to your referral account.

Easy access to contact details of friends

Once you create your referral account, you can sign in to your Facebook and Gmail accounts to directly refer persons in your address book or friend list. Thus, there is no need to search for or remember e-mail IDs of the friends you want to refer.