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Warehouse Receipt Finance

Loan against Warehouse Receipt

ICICI Bank's Rural, Micro banking and Agribusiness group caters to the financial needs of those involved in the commodities business, such as farmers, traders, processors and aggregations. A credit line of up to Rs. 300 million is offered for agricultural operations with agricultural commodities as securities, including those maintained in demat form.


  • Limit : Maximum of Rs. 300 million. The limit is assessed on the basis of financial parameters and proof of dealing in commodities
  • Tenure : Maximum of 12 months. The tenure of each tranche varies from 3 to 12 months depending on the commodity financed


  • Speedy loan sanction and disbursement with minimum documentation
  • No additional security other than Agricultural commodities
  • Attractive rate of interest
  • Speedy release of commodities after repayment of dues
  • Loans available at non-branch locations also
  • Loans extended in government/private warehouses

Loan Disbursement Process

  • Please contact our Sales Manager (SM)
  • Submit the requisite documents
  • The limit is then set up on the basis of your eligibility
  • Stock the commodity in the designated warehouse and submit warehouse receipts along with disbursement documents to ICICI Bank
  • Loan is disbursed after the Bank inspects the stock

Maximum Rate of Interest applicable to the facility is

I-BASE + 12% plus applicable interest tax or other statutory levy, if any.


Final applicable rate is decided by ICICI Bank based on various other parameters as per the policy of ICICI Bank and will be communicated to the customer upon sanction of loan, subjected to a minimum of I-BASE.

Processing Fee

A non-refundable processing fee up to 2% (plus applicable service taxes) on the loan sanctioned by ICICI Bank shall be payable by the customer. The applicable processing fee that will become payable at the time of sanction/every disbursement, will be communicated to customer on sanction of the loan application by ICICI Bank.

Other Charges

Other charges including but not limited to statutory charges, such as stamp duty on documentation, Monitoring and Inspection Charges and Quality checking charges etc., as applicable, and any other charges as communicated to the customer from time-to-time by ICICI Bank are payable by the client.

Penal Interest

In case of late repayment, penal interest @ ROI + 6% p.a. will be levied and collected.