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FD, RD & iWish
(390 days - 2 yrs)
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Senior Citizens
(390 days - 2 yrs)
9.50% Apply Now
Home Loan 
(Upto 75 lacs)
10.15*% Apply Now
Personal Loan
(Upto 15 lacs)
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3-in-1 Account

A unique 3-in-1 Online Trading Account#

Seamless, Secure and Integrated 3-in-1 trading platform... Our 3-in-1 online trading platform links your banking, trading and demat accounts, ensuring unmatched convenience for customers.


A variety of options are available to you while trading in equity:

  • Cash : You can buy and sell stocks on the Online Securities Platform with the conventional method of buying with 100% money at time of purchasing the securities
  • SEP (Systematic Equity Plan) : SEP helps you to avoid timing the stock market and invest in a disciplined manner by averaging cost of investment, with small investment in intervals. You can do SIPs in Stocks, Gold and Index ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
  • VTC : VTC order is a cash product where you can place a limit order, which remains valid upto 45 days. Order gets executed only when the stock reaches your desired level

Mutual Funds

  • Invest via our easy to use award winning online platform with over 2,000 mutual funds schemes
  • Offers you all transaction facilities like lump sum / systematic investment, systematic transfers/withdrawals, switches, Target Investment Plan, redemption, etc
  • Research views for over 200 Mutual Fund schemes
  • Unique service of Research views on the holdings in your mutual portfolio
  • Ready to use model portfolio
  • One click capital gain statement for all your investments


  • Futures: Gives higher exposure and helps to hedge cash and derivatives transactions
  • FuturePlus: Take buy/sell positions in future contracts with the intention of squaring off the position on the very same day before close of market hours
  • Options : Trade in Index or Stock contracts with various strike prices expiring in different months
  • Shares as Margin : Avail of this unique facility to pledge your shares online and avail of additional limits to trade in F&O


  • Invest with ease in IPOs. Its completely hassle-free with zero paper work
  • Now get the facility of ASBA. No need to worry about refund if allotment of shares does not happen

Savings Bank Account**

  • 3,000+ ICICI Bank Branches
  • 10,000+ ICICI Bank ATMs
  • Withdrawal or deposit cash up to Rs. 50000
  • Free Internet and Mobile Banking


  • Insurance, NPS, Tax Services & many more
*Terms & Conditions
Free for
- Clients trading with other brokers
- Clients who have any DP account with more then Zero holding value in their DP Account
- ICICI Bank customers under Silver,Gold or Titanium category
#The 3-in-1 account is a joint offering by ICICI Bank Ltd. and I-Sec that integrates the Trading account (maintained with I-Sec), Bank account (maintained with ICICI Bank Ltd) and beneficiary demat account (maintained with ICICI Bank Ltd in its capacity as a Depository Participant)
**Savings Bank Account provided by ICICI Bank Ltd.
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