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  • Money2India Exchange Rates

    USA = ₹ 67.15

    UK = ₹ 97.42

    Australia = ₹ 47.47

    Canada = ₹ 48.13

    Singapore = ₹ 47.76

    Hong Kong = ₹ 8.58

    Switzerland = ₹ 67.09

    Sweden = ₹ 7.88

    UAE = ₹ 18.40

    *Confirmed exchange rate for USA and Indicative rates for other geos for transfers of 3000 Foreign Currency Units & above as on February 08, 2016 at 06:00 pm IST. Exchange rates are volatile and are subject to change. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the transfer.
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Send Money from USA to India

You can send money to India using various online modes depending on your needs:


Transfer Time RecipientModeService charges
1 hour ICICI Bank Express
Zero service charge: Above 1000 USD

2 USD service charge: Below 1000 USD
2 hours Non ICICI Bank account
4 working days ICICI Bank and
non ICICI Bank account



Power Transfer

This channel is partly online and partly offline. It is an online wire transfer channel which helps you send money to India in as less as 48 hours. A unique tracking number is provided which helps you track your remittance


Donate2India is a special product which makes it easy for you to donate to many charitable and religious organisations such as GIVE, CRY and others. Send money to India using our secure and cost-effective online money transfer service.


Instant Money Transfers to India
Instant Money Transfers


Send money to your loved ones in India in just 1 hour. Click here to know more.