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NRE NRO Bank Accounts

If you need…Then choose…

Rupee savings account to park overseas income

NRE Savings Account

Rupee savings account to park Rupee income earned through rent, dividends, etc.

NRO Savings Account

Exclusive banking with premium services and privileges

Convenient banking not only for you but also for your family in India

Wide and ready international access to your account as well as easy money transfer while you are sailing all around the world

NRE Savings Account

Anytime anywhere and easy access to your account for all your student requirements, when you are studying out of India

NRE Savings Account

Foreign currency savings account for your foreign funds on your return to India

RFC Savings Account

If you need…Then choose…

Rupee fixed deposit to invest overseas income

NRE Fixed
Deposit Account

High yield rupee fixed deposits

NRO Fixed
Deposit Account

Rupee fixed deposits with monthly investment facility

NRE Recurring
Deposit Account

Rupee fixed deposit that lets you save small every month and enjoy large amount on maturity

NRO Recurring
Deposit Account

High yield deposits for your foreign currency earnings

FCNR Fixed
Deposit Account

Rich returns in rupees higher than NRE and FCNR deposits

Rupee Plus

Foreign currency fixed deposits for returning NRIs

RFC Fixed
Deposit Account