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List of Indian & Overseas Address proof

All KYC Documents provided need to be self attested


Please refer table below for acceptable address proofs


Proofs to be submitted in the name of the Primary Applicant. No address proof will be accepted in the name of a Joint Applicant. Address proof is mandatory for both overseas and Indian addresses.


Incase your address proof and visa is not in English, please provide a duly notarized translated copy in English.

Valid Proof (Any one) Criteria of Validity For India Address Proof For Overseas Address Proof
1) Passport copy  Valid for at least 3 months from the day it is submitted as address proof.  yes yes
2) Utility bills (any one from the list below) (a) Electricity bill (b) Gas bill (c) Water bill (d) Landline telephone bill (e) sewage services bill Issued by a municipal authority  The date of issue of any of these utility bills should be more than three months old from the date of account opening yes yes
3) Registered rent agreement alongwith the latest rent receipt/utility bill The lease deed must be valid yes yes
4) A letter from a banker with stamp and signature clearly specifying the tenure of relationship with the bank and that the mentioned address is the communication address.  The period of your relationship with the bank should be more than three months at the time of placing the address-change request.  yes yes
5) Driving License  The Driving License bearing the photo and expiry date. Handwritten/Provisional/Temporary/Learning driving license is not acceptable. Also any handwritten/ unauthorized alteration on driving license is not acceptable.  yes. Only India-issued driving licence is acceptable. Maharashtra State DL is not accepted yes
6) Letter from government postal authorities Certificate from the postal office confirming address of applicant either on letterhead or under office seal and signed by Post Master / Assistant Post Master. yes yes
7) Certificate by Village Extension Officer (VEO) / Village Head or equal rank officers. Issued either on letterhead or under office seal.    yes NA
8) Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card Must be valid as on date of account opening  NA yes
9) Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card  Must be valid as on date of account opening  NA yes
10) Shop license issued by Government authorities with name and address indicated.  Must be valid as on date of account opening  NA yes
11) Address on Visa The address on Visa must reflect the residential address. Address on tourist visa and business visa will not be accepted as address proof. NA yes
12) National ID Card National ID cards issued by the Goverment having the customer’s name, photogrtaph, and address NA Yes
13) Residence Permit (Government-issued uinque identity document) Following are the valid Government-issued unique identity documents:
1) Kuwait-Bataaka Madaniya (Civil ID)
2) Saudi Arabia-Iqaama (Residential permit)
3) Oman-Residence Card
4) UAE-Labour Card
5) Bahrain-CPR (Central population registry) Card
6) Qatar-Residence Card
7) Singapore NRIC
8) USA-Residence Card
9) UK-Residence Card 
NA yes
14) Receipt/Bills paid to the Municipal Corporation The bill should not be more than 3 months old. NA yes
15) Bank statement 1) For all the bank statements / passbooks, there should be at least two customer-induced transactions in the last 3 months prior to the time of placing the address-change request. Typical customer induced transactions include ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions and cheques cleared.
2) Further the bank statement / passbook should not bear more than 3 cheque returns.
3) The list of the banks whose statements are valid can be accessed from the following links:
- For list of banks (US), Click here
- For list of banks (Countries other than US), Click here.
- For a list of credit unions in the USA, please Click here.
yes yes
16) Municipal tax bill Must be valid  yes NA
17) Appointment Letter issued by Employer Acceptable only for Account opening at a Branch in India and where the only for customer’s going abroad for the first time NA Yes
If address proofs in the name of Primary Applicant not available, address proofs of blood relative can be accepted as follows:


Valid Proof (Any one)Criteria of ValidityFor India Address Proof
A) Annexure/Format of declaration for blood relative to be filled by Primary Applicant Blood relatives includes spouse, father, mother, sister, brother and child. Blood Relative Declaration
B) Proof of relationship of that person with account holder Any One of the following
a) Passport
b) Birth Certificate
c) Marriage Certificate
d) Ration Card
e) Matriculation Certificate
f) School Leaving Certificate
g) Court Affidavit
h) PIO and OCI card issued by Indian Government
C) Any one of the above address proofs in the name of the blood relative Please refer to the list above.
*Driving License issued in smart card or laminated with photograph and signature will be accepted