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Would you like to place account modification request ?

Please download the form from the list below and send to the addresses stated on the form. PO Box services available for select locations. For details, Click here.

Click here to know various channels to place account modification requests.

  1. Account Opening Form Download PDF
  2. Application for Opening an RFC Account Download PDF
  3. Request for Change of Existing Resident Account to NRO Account
  4. Mandate holder Applications
    1. Add a Mandate in My Account
    2. Cancel Mandate from My Account
    3. Update new Mandate in My Account
  5. Nominee Applications
  6. NRI Pro / Premia related
    1. Request for upgrade to NRI Premia
    2. Request for upgrade to NRI Pro
    3. Request for NRI family banking
    4. Add on account opening form for new customers
  7. Request for Account Activation (Dormant / Inactive Account)
  8. Request for Address Change : Information | Download Form Download PDF
  9. Request for Addition/Deletion of Applicant in Existing Account
    1. Request for Addition of New applicant in Existing Account
    2. Request for Deletion of Applicant name in Existing Account
  10. Request for an Additional Savings Account / Fixed Deposit
    1. Request for opening a Subsequent NRE/NRO Savings/Non- Interest Bearing account
    2. Request for Opening Fixed / Recurring Deposit
  11. Request to update Name/PAN/Contact Number/passport/e-mail address/Mobile Number/Date of Birth/E-statement facility
  12. Dedupe FormDownload PDF
  13. Request for Closure of FCNR / NRE / NRO Fixed Deposit/ Recurring Deposit
  14. Request for Closure of NRE / NRO Savings Account Download PDF
  15. Request for Duplicate Fixed Deposit Receipt Download PDF
  16. Request for Demand Draft
  17. Request for Duplicate Demand Draft Download PDF
  18. Request for Internet Banking / Mobile Banking facility
  19. Request to link your accounts
    1. Request to link your Credit Card to Saving account
    2. Request to link your Loan account to Saving account
    3. Request to link your Saving account to User ID
  20. Request for Outward Repatriation of Funds
  21. Self Declaration cum Indemnity
  22. Request for reissue of Internet Banking user ID/Password or ATM/Debit card and pin or a New Cheque Book
    1. Request for Reissue of Internet Banking User ID
    2. Request for Reissue of Internet Banking Password
    3. Request for ATM / Debit card
    4. Request for Mandate ATM/Debit Card
    5. Request for ATM/Debit Pin
    6. Request for A New Cheque Book
    7. For the list of service charges
  23. Request for Renewal of Term Deposits
  24. Request for Signature Change Download PDF
  25. Request for Stop Payment / Hot listing card
  26. Request for Submiting Address Proof in Relatives' Names
  27. Transfer of Accounts Form for NRI customers Download PDF
  28. Updation of KYC Documents
  29. Request for Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) - NRO accounts
  30. Request Letter for Transfer of Funds from NRO a/c to NRE a/cDownload PDF
  31. Request Letter for Transfer of Funds from Non ICICI Bank NRO a/c to ICICI Bank NRE a/cDownload PDF
  32. Name Change FormDownload PDF
  33. PIS Application FormDownload PDF
  34. Cancellation of PIS DesignationDownload PDF
  35. Non Solicitation DeclarationDownload PDF
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