ICICI Bank and MCSL, a Vodafone group company, jointly present "m-pesa" a mobile money transfer service for Vodafone subscribers. On applying for m-pesa, customers get a mobile wallet issued by MCSL called "MCSL Wallet" and also a Mobile Money Account with ICICI Bank. The Wallet and the Mobile Money account are completely inter-operable and the customers have an option to transfer money into the Mobile Money account.

Currently m-pesa services are available in Kolkata, West Bengal, Bihar and Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra&Goa, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and North East. To find out nearest m-pesa agent or for any other query, please contact our customer care at 9874355400 (Kolkata) , 7797755400 (West Bengal) , 9534555400 (Bihar&Jharkhand), 8395055400(Uttar pradesh West), 9648955400 (Uttar Pradesh East), 8585955400 (Delhi) , 8403055400(Assam) , 9920055400 (Mumbai) and 8257055400(North East).Vodafone customers can directly dial 55400.

m-pesa offers you an array of services:

Deposit Money
You can deposit cash to your m-pesa
account multiple times.
Transfer Funds View Demo
Send money to any mobile number
Send money to any bank account
Withdraw Cash View Demo
Registered m-pesa Customers
Non m-pesa Customers
Pay Bills View Demo
Postpaid Bill payment of your Vodafone Number
Any other Number
Prepaid Recharge View Demo
Your Vodafone Number
Any Other Number
DTH Recharge
My Account View Demo
View Account Balance
Call Support
Change PIN
Change of Language
  • Safe and secure - Every transaction is initiated from an active Vodafone mobile number and using a confidential PIN.
  • Simple to use - All the instructions are carried out through simple messages. The menu for the transactions can be accessed by dialing *400#. (No internet connection, GPRS or a smart phone required to access your account) OR by dialing 55400 from your registered Vodafone mobile number
  • Saves time - No more standing in long queues, rushing during working hours for your banking transactions or traveling long distances for depositing or withdrawing money.
  • No cash- You already carry your phone with you everywhere, now also carry your money on it and get freedom from carrying cash/credit/debit cards.
  • Convenient - It's as convenient as sending an SMS