iMobile - Mobile Banking Application

iMobile is ICICI Bank's mobile banking application that lets you transfer funds, pay bills, book travel or movie tickets, recharge your prepaid mobile and DTH connection, locate an ATM and do a lot more while you are on the go.

Don't have iMobile yet?
Follow 3 simple steps to get iMobile
Please ensure that your mobile number is registered for Mobile Banking services with ICICI Bank and GPRS services are enabled on the same mobile device. Not registered for Mobile Banking? Register Now
Already have iMobile?
Refresh your app and Upgrade to the latest version
iMobile customers with old version can upgrade application with latest version using following path:

iMobile Home Page >> Options >> More Options >> Upgrade iMobile.

Select "Upgrade" if an old version is found.

iMobile customers need to update their biller and payee info by refreshing their iMobile app, to refresh iMobile use the following path:

iMobile Home page >> Options >> Refresh

For phones other than iphone or android, customers also have an option to add select mShop services to their iMobile app, to add services use the following path:

iMobile Home page >> mShop >> Options >> Add Services

Now earn 100 Reward Points under MySavings Rewards on first time activation of ICICI Bank iMobile application. To know more, click here

Step 1: Download iMobile
You can download iMobile on your handset in the following ways:

For GSM handsets:
- SMS iMobile to 5676766 to download via GPRS
- Visit from your mobile browser to download iMobile
- Download on your computer and transfer it to the mobile through blue-tooth/data cable

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Step 2: Activate iMobile on your mobile phone
Once the iMobile application is downloaded, open the application from the Games or Application folder of your phone. iMobile Application will show the following four icons:
      - Activate Now
      - Locate us
      - Apply now
      - Help

Select 'Activate Now' and follow the steps to activate iMobile Application. You will also be prompted to set a 4-digit Login PIN. This PIN will be required each time you login to iMobile application in the future. We suggest you choose a PIN different from your other PINs (ATM, Phone Banking etc.)
Step 3: Authenticate your account and login
First time users are required to complete a one-time grid card authentication. The application will fetch grid values as given on the back of the Debit card of your chosen bank account.

Each time you start the application, it will ask for the PIN chosen by you. Also, for all financial transactions, it will ask for a grid card authentication.

Services Offered by iMobile:
Earn reward points under MySavings Rewards on online shopping through iMobile using Internet Banking. Get 1 point for every Rs 100 spend for all transactions above Rs. 200. To know more, click here

iMobile offers a wide range of banking and informational services to make banking convenient for you.
You can access the following services through iMobile (Please roll the mouse over the respective services to know details):