1. I want to access my ICICI Bank accounts online.

To access ICICI Bank Internet Banking, all you need is your User ID & Password. For Bank account, the User ID and passwords (both log-in password and transaction password) are given to you as part of your 'Welcome Kit' at the time of account opening. Click here to view demo

2. I want to know my User ID. I forgot?

-- To know your User ID, click here

3. How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking?

There are two passwords, one for logging-in to ICICIBank.com and another for transacting on ICICIBank.com.
1. Login Password - A login password as the name suggests is required for logging in to ICICI Bank.com.
-- To generate your login password online - click here

2. Transaction Password - A transaction password is required whenever you are entering into any transactions on ICICI Bank.com. It is also required for making most of the online requests.
-- To generate your transaction password, log in to www.icicibank.com and click on 'Online Password Generation – Transaction Password' under 'Service Request' option.

4. I want to link my all ICICI Bank accounts.
  • To link all your accounts to your existing User ID - click here
  • To manage your accounts - click here
5. I want to know all features of ICICI Bank Internet Banking.
  • To know ICICI Bank Internet Banking features - click here
6. I want to be safe before doing my online transactions using ICICI Bank Internet Banking. How do I?
  • To know all about ICICI Bank Safe Banking - click here
  • ICICI Bank has introduced 'i-safe' an application to enhance the security of your online account with additional authentication of One Time Password (OTP) - click here

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