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To facilitate the customers, e-Payment of  Taxes of the customers through NSDL has been started  w.e.f. 01.08.2008.  Customers who want to avail this facility may contact the branch in which they are maintaining their Accounts.   

  • This facility is available only for Bank’s Customers.
  • Branches  are accepting  applicable  duly filled up Challan / e-payment of Tax  request Form  from the identified customers with all details like valid 10 digit PAN / TAN ( as the case may be ), Full Name and Address with giving City/ District, State &  PIN Code, Type of Payment, Assessment Year etc., duly signed along with the fund (cheque or debit instructions).
  •    a.   Monday to Friday           -           upto   2.00 p.m.
       b.   Saturday                            -           upto 11.00 a.m.
  • Customer should submit  a  copy of PAN/ TAN  to the Branch alongwith the Challan / e-Payment of Tax Request Form while dealing for the  first time.
  • In case of non-valid PAN / TAN transactions  or failure of transmission / payment of tax through NSDL for whatsoever reason, BANK will not be held responsible & no Claim, Damages, Penalty, Interest  etc. will be paid by the Bank.
  • Customer should confirm that discrepancy in the Challan / Challan Counterfoil, if any, will be brought to the notice of the Bank within one working day for any possible rectification.
  • Bank will make the CBDT e-Payment on our behalf based on this e-Payment Request Form submitted by the customer.  Please note  that submission of this e-Payment Request Form does not imply payment of Tax, which is subject to availability of funds in our Bank Current account as well as accessibility of TIN – NSDL website.

   For further inquiry, please visit to your nearest branch.