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Cash Management serves as the means to keep an organisation functioning by making the best use of cash or liquid resources of the organisation. At the same time, the organisations have the responsibility to use timely, reliable and comprehensive financial information systems. ICICI Bank's Cash Management Services offer a full range of receivables and payables services to meet your complex cash management needs.
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ICICI Bank offers a wide range of trade services designed to meet a range of short term to medium term trade financing requirements so that your company can seize new business opportunities whenever they arise. Customers can benefit from our streamlined processes based on a sound technological backbone that are designed to provide best in class service levels, and reduce the hassles associated with trade transactions.
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A Current Account was normally associated with basic transactions such as cash/ cheque deposit and withdrawal. With the introduction of technology, increasing competition and market expectations, banks have started offering a slew of services with current account.
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ICICI Bank offers innovative FX services & products to its clients, based on its client’s unique requirements not only incorporating best practices followed globally but also leveraging technology to deliver bespoke solutions and user- friendly experience.
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