I would like to bring to your kind notice that I and my family members are having altogether 24 (twenty four) savings account (HNI) and 1 (one) current account at your Ring Road Branch, Surat and we are associated with ICICI Bank from long time.

The Bank had deputed Mr. Abhishek Kumar Thakur, as Relationship Manager long time back for some of our accounts out of the total 24. But for your kind information, he is giving us services for all our 24 accounts and at the same time taking utmost care in fulfilling the Bank's requirements.

I am very happy with Mr. Abhishek Thakur's prompt and timely services rendered by him related to our accounts with ICICI Bank.

Recently there were two accounts whose status were to be changed from minor to major (on attaining the age of 18 years), here also he did a remarkable job by doing his best in complying with the bank's requirements and without giving much trouble to his customer(s), both the accounts were upgraded in a very short time.

ICICI Bank has always been customer friendly to our entire family account holders, as a result we had opened our family's accounts here at ICICI Bank.

I wish Mr. Abhishek Thakur 'A Very Bright Future'.

~ Sanjay Agarwal, Surat, March 13, 2014 Channel – Branch Banking Experience

I recently went to the Chamarajpet Branch for transferring funds abroad for Higher Education fees. The Bank representative Mr. Mohit clearly explained about the documents required and helped me through the process in making a successful fund transfer. Although this may seem to be a part of the process, it was very crucial for me as I was nearing the deadline. It was a high impact transaction for me and the way the representative assisted me in the situation is highly commendable. Thanks a lot Mohit for your customer oriented service and thanks to ICICI Bank for setting up such a beautiful system.

~ Gnanaskandan Velu, Bangalore, March 14, 2014 Channel – Branch Banking Experience

I visited GZB Indirpuram branch today for generating new E-PIN which was well attended by Ms. Shraddha Baranwal. She helped me to generate this PIN within a moment, which I thought was a long procedure. Thanks to her and Team ICICI.

~ Saurabh Srivastava, Ghaziabad, March 21, 2014 Channel – Branch Banking Experience

Since opening a Savings Bank account with ICICI Bank in September 2013, I have a smooth sailing relationship with ICICI Bank. Contrary to public opinion about private banks, I find no hidden charges by ICICI Bank, but on the other hand the charges are parallel to any nationalized bank. The big and only difference is the SERVICE. Hats off to ICICI Bank.

~ A Ansar Basha, Vellore, March 10, 2014 Channel – General Banking Experience

I have my salary-cum-savings account with ICICI Bank and a credit card. I have been approached by many other banks’ executives trying to sell me their products, but due to my work restrictions I hardy find time visiting any Branch for banking. ICICI Bank Net Banking solution was the answer to all my questions. I hold a savings account in a different well reputed bank, but none of them can beat ICICI Bank Net Banking and the ease of banking it offers to its customers. Best part of online banking is that it’s very user friendly, end to end solutions on board, high security features and lots more. Hats off to the team managing online banking.

~ Akhil Bhatia, Pune, March 21, 2014 Channel – General Banking Experience

The new upgraded online format makes me feel that I am one of the employees of ICICI Bank. No other banks in India have this type of online banking facility for customers. I am a customer with ICICI Bank since 2001. Good Job by the chairman of ICICI Bank.

~ Maheshwaran, Bhopal, March 22, 2014 Channel – Internet Banking Experience

The new improvement to Internet Banking is very good. It is responsive, easy to use and very modern looking. I really enjoy using Internet Banking of ICICI Bank.

~ Mohit Garud, Kalyan, March 13, 2014 Channel – Internet Banking Experience

Your new website is awesome. It takes us to a whole new world. This new Internet Banking interface /website is way far from previous Internet Banking website. Kudos to the team who made it a possibility. I appreciate tech teams efforts and managers hard work too. There are always scopes for improvement. But this first cut is excellent. I enjoy using this interface. Great going ICICI Bank. IT Team has done a marvelous job indeed!

~ Sudarshanrao, Bangalore, March 20, 2014 Channel – Internet Banking Experience

I wanted to upgrade my debit card and activate the card. It was not as simple as I put it in words until I spoke Mr. Ashok from the customer care center, who efficiently sorted my query and gave me all the details I needed to know regarding my account service requests. Hats off to you Ashok. Keep up the good work!

~ Akhil Bhatia, Pune, March 21, 2014 Channel – Phone Banking Experience


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