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The service provided by Sameer Thakker, Kaushik Das, Sandra Almeida have been absolutely top notch. It was delightful to note their professional approach in explaining the features and terms of the different home loan products and interest rate options available to us. They have guided us in the transaction and assisted us in compiling all the paper work required meticulously and with a smile. In the credit approval process, sanction and right upto disbursement they have provided all possible assistance. For the part disbursement they have been extremely prompt to ensure no delays take place in disbursement and have provided doorstep service. We have NOT had to follow up on them a second time to get our work done timely - a pleasant surprise to the usual business practice we see day on day. The home loan process has been completely hassle free for us and we are confident it will indeed be a pleasure dealing with them in the future.

~ Puneet Kumar, March 1, 2007, Loan

Kudos to Manoj, Sachin & Deo I had applied for a Home loan with ICICI BANK, I am very happy with the services provided, and the interactions I have had with them. They have helped me understand the procedures and complete the required formalities with great ease. I am in Mumbai and my servicing branch is Nasik. Despite this fact, I never felt that distance was any hindrance. Manoj sent all the required documents by Courier. He also answered all my queries with patience. I really appreciate his customer service. I'm also very delighted with the speed with which my application was processed. I hope to get the same services even going forward. Keep the great work going!!! Cheers!!!

~ Bhakti Sanklecha, March 1, 2007, Home Loan

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Prasad for the wonderful experience that I had with ICICI Bank through you. It is a pleasure interacting with you and your team. Thank you for helping me with timely release of funds, which helped me in completing my home construction within the planned date. Thanks for putting up with all my queries and for insisting on timely submission of documents, proofs etc. which helped us both with timely processing of my home loan application and subsequent installments releases. Thank you very much and hope to continue this great experience in future too.

~ Satish Kumar, March 1, 2007, Home Loan

First of all I congratulate ICICI to be the best private sector bank in INDIA. Their service is simply too good. And the various services they provide like Internet Banking is the best service I have ever experienced. The Bank’s website is so user-friendly that a person who does not know anything about Internet can easily browse through the contents of the website. I am speechless for the services they provide. It's really the best bank in the world wherein customers are given more priority than their own business. Truly a “Customer Oriented Bank”. I wish ICICI all the best for the coming future and should achieve BEST bank in the world level.

~ Vijay Kumar, Bangalore, March 1, 2007, General

I had hard time dealing with my seller but on other side, bank process was smooth from the beginning. It wouldn’t have been possible specially without two members of ICICI Mr. Gagan Anand & Ms. Priyanka Agarwal who diligently worked on my loan request & guided me through out the process, & assisted me at various occasions when required. I really appreciate their honest efforts to make loan disbursement process very smooth & convenient for a customer. There was an occasion where Mr Anand himself called the seller & convinced him about the loan requirements and got the necessary details, wherein I have already given up try convincing the reluctant seller. Ms. Priyanka was always available & just one call away to discuss any issues regarding property. She always informed about pros & cons associated with a property deal & the ways to negotiate a good deal. She has proactively informed me about my loan process status. Two thumbs up for ICICI!! & Thank you very much.

~ B Ratheesh, March 1, 2007, Loan

I have been an ICICI Gold Card member for over a couple of years now - just for the records - nothing comes as close to the 'Super Experience' that I have had with the card. I want to thank ICICI for the tremendous services on its Credit Card and my experience thus far has been absolutely great! I have traveled across the globe, it is great to see that the card works flawlessly and has given me great experiences in using it. I am glad to be an ICICI Gold Card Member. Thank you very much for your services.

~Prasenjit, Bangalore, March 1, 2007, Credit Card

I have been with ICICI since June 2006. The service is really excellent. I have become a part of various products offered by ICICI starting with Savings (Salary) Account. I would definitely subscribe to the other products as well and also suggest my friends and relatives to go in for an account with ICICI. The facilities that go with an ICICI bank are irresistible.

~ Jagannadha Rao P.V , Hyderabad, March 1, 2007, General

I would like to render a few words of appreciation to your executives, Mr.Manas Mahapatra and Mr.Vijay, working at ICICI Home Loans, DanavaiPeta, Rajahmundry-533 103, and Mr.Rajesh working at ICICI Home Loans, Bimavaram-534 201. You people taken special interest in my case and helped me a lot to speed up the home loan process to a great extent. My queries are handled in a very professional manner with a positive response. I would certainly recommend ICICI to my friends. Keep doing the good job. Thanks a lot.

~ Y.S.Ramesh Kumar , Bangalore, March 1, 2007, Home Loan

It is just less than a year since I opened an account with ICICI, Hyderabad and it has changed my concept of banking. I sit at home and transfer funds from Hyderabad to my Son's account with another Bank in Pune and his account is credited in not more than 48 hours. All this for no additional cost. INCREDIBLE!!!!. KUDOS! KEEP IT UP ICICI.

~Mohan Krishnmurthy, Bahrain, March 2, 2007, Net Banking

Our finance minister Mr. Chidambaram has told that it is the banking Industry that is going to revolutionize the Indian Economy. But I would like to say that it is only ICICI Bank Ltd that has been just doing it. Thanks To ICICI Bank Team.

~Absar Ali, Bangalore, March 2, 2007, General

It gives me immense pleasure to put on record about the out standing services rendered by Shri Amit Roy, Credit manager,Housing Finance ICICI Bank, Dehradun while sanctioning us the overdraft limit. His approach towards his work is not only professional but the biggest point to mention overhear is his personal humanitarian touch also. While he does not compromise with the Bank's interest but at the same time his style to communicate his requirement is so convincing that it does not offend the customer. Without any reservation, I would add that Mr. Amit Roy is a valuable Asset to any organization. I wish a very prosperous future professional career for him.

~ Dr. S.K Agarwal, Dehradun, March 2, 2007, Home Loan

It was a very happy feeling when I spoke to one of the call centre executives, Mr.Mansoor (based at your Hyderabad call centre) with respect to my credit card query. Such a helpful and proactive attitude of your customer service people will certainly take the bank to great heights.

~ Kaustubh Majumdar , Delhi, March 3, 2007, Credit Card

We appreciate the work done by ICICI home loan team, Nashik. I am associated with Mr. Vaibhav Avhad, Mr. Subramaniam, Mr. Nandkishor kulkarni & Mr. Harish Chandak. Mr. Vaibhav has an excellent communication skill with the builder & the customers, giving a very fast service for loan procedure and disbursement; good follow up from him and his team members for documentation procedure. He has excellent knowledge about housing sector in Nashik & understands customer needs. Mr Vaibhav Avhad has six elements of effective leadership for long-term sucess; 1.Having a clear vision. 2.Maintaining believability & relationship. 3.Insuring intelligent strategy. 4.Building commitment to change by observing social & economical changes. 5.Ability to identify and manage conflict. 6.Developing personal mastery. We look forward for more business from Nashik region from all these ICICI Team leaders due to their positive attitude to give a loan to all the members like us and fulfill their needs of "Dream Home".

~ Manoj Burkule, March 3, 2007, Home Loan

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Ms. Phani Saroja for her sincere efforts in resolving my concerns. She's highly professional & her commitment towards her work is highly appreciable. Employees like her will keep the spirits of ICICI Bank very high & will certainly represent ICICI Bank in their motto "HUM HAIN NAA". Kudos to her!!!

~ Venugopal , South Africa, March 3, 2007, General

I have been a customer of ICICI for over a year now & I am extremely happy with their services. The only way to communicate to the employees with respect to issues is via e-mail & I must say that they solve the issue successfully within 24 hrs... unlike other banks where I had to call them personally in spite of sending several e-mails. I am totally impressed by the services of ICICI & will continue to be a customer of ICICI & would ask more & more people to seek & avail the services of ICICI... Cheers to ICICI!!!

~Selvarasu.D, Hosur, March 6, 2007, General

Thank you very much for the prompt response. I have accounts in several banks but I had never received such quick and prompt response. Your service made me to think that ICICI bank is the best. Till now I am in a wrong thinking that ICICI's Hum Hai Na is just a tag line. But you have proved me wrong. Serve the customers in the same way, which fetch you good business. Your professionalism and accuracy in dealing my issue is excellent. I am going to abroad in few days and definitely remit my foreign currency in ICICI but not in other banks. Good job!

~ Sunil Manohar P, March 6, 2007, General

The service provided by you and your team regarding the housing loan for which i have applied and obtained is tremendous. I appreciate you and your team for being initiative, professional, prompt & customer centric on delivering the product. I personally thank you, your team & ICICI for providing the support to me in accomplishing my dream house, and I expect and foresee the same support in future endeavors.

~ Ganesh Mahadevan, March 7, 2007, Home Loan

I am very happy with your banking services especially your net banking facility. Its extremely useful especially for working people such as myself to pay all bills, transfer money, have all your credit card, loan and de mat accounts linked to one user id. You also did an excellent job when I was abroad and had to transfer money to India or had to communicate with ICICI Bank people through e-mail. The response was fantastic! I'll always recommend ICICI bank to anyone anytime! It is by far the most tech savvy and sure friendly bank in India.

~ Aarthi Lourdes , Mumbai, March 7, 2007, Net Banking Banking

I have been banking with ICICI for long and will continue to do so. I know ICICI culture well and I have been very satisfied with the service offered. I can site countless instances of care and concern shown by ICICI employees to me. For instance.. In this very case I was helped by your BKC Branch employees to get the PAN card updation done fast. Particularly Mr Sagar Sonawane, Shalini and Sohail. Such a history of consistent quality service itself made me feel at pain with the service of an odd man out in your whole family of affectionate and efficient employees. I can assure you that I shall remain your customer for times to come cause I recognize the quality of your services. I will continue to explore more products from your group in the days to come.

~ Ramakrishna Parsekar, March 7, 2007, Branch Banking

I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation of the efforts taken by Mr.Simmy Sebastian[Chandivli Office-9323228977] and Mr.Vilas Durandhar[Br.Manager,Dadar-9819900984] to solve my problem of non-receipt of monthly A/c Statements for the past 6 months.I hold 4 HNI SB A/cs at Dadar Branch and thro' this medium I thank the two gentlemen for their assistance. Please convey my feelings to them.

~ A.Sundaram , Mumbai, March 8, 2007, General

ICICI Bank Internet banking services is the best when compared to other banks. As an account holder I have noticed that the clearing status of cheques issued are indicated early morning so that there are no cheques bounced by anyone, which other banks can't. All the best to ICICI bank in future and looking for more best services.

~ Raj Kumar , Hyderabad, March 8, 2007, Net Banking

After watching the ad for "free for life" credit cards I applied for the same vide application. After three days from the application I was surprised to see the representative. of ICICI BANK at my residence to verify the particulars. I had not expected such an efficient response. It is indeed a quantum jump in service delivery. Please keep it up.

~ Amar Singh Chahal , Ludhiana, March 8, 2007, Credit Card

I am operating my online account since from last two years I appreciate the services providing by ICICI bank. Sometime they give chance to complaint but they resolve it immediately and I appreciate their efforts.

~ Nandkishor , Pune, March 8, 2007, Net Banking

It was only sometime in September 06 that you opened a branch in Yelhanka and we at Kendriya Vihar had the privilege of having a road show in our residential complex that brought ICICI products close to us. Needless to mention, I became one of your customers immediately. Whenever I visit your branch, your staff in general and Vani and Raji in particular have been very courteous and helpful. Our overall experience in banking with ICICI has been wonderful and satisfactory. I have also been recommending many others especially ladies to choose your bank for banking needs. Keep it up............

~ Aleyamma , Bangalore, March 9, 2007, General

I am using many credit cards and I am happy to say that of all the cards I have used ICICI is the best in providing me with more and more offers and I m pleased with their security system and also with their honesty. Thanks to ICICI.

~ Ramchandran, Chennai, March 9, 2007, Credit Card

You don’t understand the value of ICICI unless you open an account with another bank. I did so. I opened another a/c with one of the MNC bank and I was missing the ICICI desperately. Right from the most user-friendly online banking to telephone banking to security, there is no beating to ICICI. Hats-off to you!

~Kovid, Chennai, March 9, 2007, General

Excellent service in banking, I would rank ICICI as No.01 in India & its services are in comparable with other banks. I am proud to say that all my family members including myself holding different accounts with ICICI. Simply saying ICICI family. Kudos to all the employees, simply teamwork, Keep it up.

~Balaji S, Coimbatore, March 9, 2007, General

I would like to thank you for the services and support provided by you in getting my loan sanctioned from ICICI Bank. It was a good experience with you and I should mention that everything you have arranged in such a nice manner that the entire process became very simple. I would recommend your name to my colleagues and friends looking for credit facilities. Thank you so much for all your support.

~Sundeep Agarwal, March 10, 2007, Loan

ICICI bank’s credit card & de mat services has really changed the definition of Banking in India. Before few years it is not possible to think, that is done by ICICI Bank. I am customer of ICICI from last 2 years and satisfied with the service of ICICI Bank, especially your net banking services are high class. People were afraid of globalization & privatization, but after an experience with your services, they must believe over the same. Thank u for starting a new era of efficient, fast & customer oriented banking services.

~ Sarita Jain, March 11, 2007, General

I would like to congratulate ICICI Bank for its services, customer support & promptness & specially Internet banking & sms messaging. Please continue the good work. I want to specially thank Akbar Beg Defense Colony branch, New Delhi he is good guy and he solves the problem very easily.

~ Mirza, New Delhi, March 11, 2007, General

I have been banking with you since November 2003. I have started with home loan. Then I become credit card customer, now I have saving bank account with ICICI. I am fully satisfied with the bank. ICICI bank is customer friendly bank. They always listen to the customer query and solve it promptly. I have multiple relation with the bank viz. ICICI PRU Life Insurance, ICICI Lombard medical insurance, Credit card, car insurance and saving account. I am proud to be customer of ICICI group.

~ Yogesh Kumar Singh, Ghaziabad, March 12, 2007, General

You are best customer service provider. I have a very-very-very nice experience with ICICI customer care. I really appreciate it. KEEP IT UP. Small things can make a big difference.

~ Vineet, Bangalore, March 12, 2007, General

Thanks a lot for your help in getting my Internet banking Login Id & Password activated. Take this mail as a token of appreciation; you were indeed helpful and patient throughout our telephonic conversation.

~ Prashant Singh, March 12, 2007, Net Banking

I have taken home loan from your branch in 2003 and i have paid my all EMI on time. Due to some personal reason now i foreclosed my loan. For last four years I have very good experience of your customer service and services provided by your bank. In future if I will require any banking services i will choose ICICI bank as best option. I wish for your bright future.

~ Omkarnath Pandey, March 12, 2007, Home Loan

I have received my NOC and releasing letter pending for long time. I am very impressed with the services provided by Mr. Anurag Gupta, he has resolved my all pending problems in one shot. All my worries vanished. Thank you for providing the best services to an ordinary person like me. I would always refer ICICI Bank.

~ Brijbhan Tiwari, March 13, 2007, General

ICICI Internet banking is the most user friendly web page I ever seen. It has good demos and all possible features. I have been using ICICI since 3 years and it has served me in a wonderful way. This applies the same for NRI accounts too. Thanks to ICICI I am able to support my family in India with a click of a button.

~Namrata, Atlanta, March 14, 2007, Net Banking

This is just an experience I would like to share. I hold a savings a\c with the bank and wanted my husband to open the a\c. We reached around 7.55 p.m. at the Prabhadevi branch at nearly the closing time. But the customer care executive treated us so well and also helped us in opening the a\c. I really appreciate the way your whole staff works even after their working hours are over and i am really satisfied with all your services.

~Nisha Sawant, Mumbai, March 15, 2007, General

I am customer of ICICI bank from last three years. I am thankful to all your staff of 24 hour customer phone banking. Last one month my debit/ATM card & Internet login password reissue process guideline, he registered my request quickly. He informed me request registered with SR. number via. SMS. I am happy and impress by full support and guideline of ICICI bank customer care and all executives thanks. Will continue to be a customer of ICICI & would ask more & more people to seek & avail the services of ICICI... Cheers to ICICI bank.

~Jitendra, Ahmedabad, March 16, 2007,

"Im very happy with the service provided by Mandeep and basically customers are never being served by tele caller and this was the first experience where I got such a nice service. I really appreciate Mandeep for his excellent service provided".

~ Piyush Kapadia, March 16, 2007, General

I am a customer of ICICI Bank for past 3 years. I must appreciate the fineness of de mat services. It has been always without mistake. So many have opened the 3 in1 account after my recommendation. With a small effort a program can be developed with Microsoft Excel and ICICI Portfolios to track the profit/loss, Capital gain, Income Tax etc on daily basis or since beginning of FY. Important for large number of transaction. It was not possible in case of other popular peer companies. However, there are scope for improvement of i) co-ordination among Helpdesk, Customer Care and the Branch to avoid contradictory information and ii) back office Quality Control other than demat.

~ Joydeb Samanta, Kolkata, March 18, 2007,General

Its great to have a bank account with ICICI bank. The bank has almost all the facility a person looks for. My heartiest wishes to all staff and officials of the bank for their future endeavour.

~ Saji Rajan, Mumbai, March 18, 2007,General

I became your customer a few months back and I am extremely pleased with the services you offer...I am really impressed with the instant SMS I receive on my cell phone whenever I make a cash transaction through my card. Also, I was really impressed to see the quick service given to me when I had requested to send my password for internet banking.... thank u ICICI for being so customer friendly. Keep up the good work!!!

~ Neha, Ludhiana, March 19, 2007,General

We are having nice experience with your banking & Internet banking services. I would like to put forward the proposal of zero balance account, as this will prefer many of our candidates to open an A/C in your bank if its zero balance. As I want that other than me all my known people also use your facilities & enjoy your services. I hope to see a positive result for zero balance A/c opening. Thank u for your best services

~ Dharmend, Mumbai, March 19, 2007,General

I am very much impressed by your Internet Banking system. It is almost perfect. Your bill payment system is particularly convenient. I think ICICI bank is the future of banking in India.

~Om Lakhani, Baroda, March 21, 2007, Net Banking

Mr. Prabol was very fast and helpful in closing my complaint SR20431060, he not only saved my VISA interview but also saved my faith in ICICI. He is indeed an asset to ICICI team.

~Paras Bhatia, Delhi, March 21, 2007, General

I am using ICICI BANK services from last 5 years. I am totally satisfied with the services of ICICI bank. I am doing banking with a couple of other banks also. But, I really appreciate the services what I got from ICICI BANK. The account what I have is a student account. But still I haven't faced any problem. I will feel happy to suggest my friends to use ICICI BANK SERVICES... ICICI BANK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

~Saurabh, Pune, March 21, 2007, General`

I'm very happy with ICICI bank and I am very thankful for giving me a personal loan on phone. My best wishes are with the bank.

~Sanjay Gadekar, Gurgaon, March 22, 2007, Personal Loan

With your bank service and facilities, I am enjoying the banking. Everything is possible with ICICI. No life without ICICI service.

~Gandhi, Chennai, March 23, 2007, General

I would like to appreciate for your effort, once again thanks a lot, the way you handled my request was just remarkable. Great work done by you

~Vivek Sinha, Gurgaon, March 23, 2007, General

I am banking with ICICI since 4 years, am very happy with the services I have received. A pat at the back to all ICICI employees, my home loan and demat account was a breezer. It was smooth and all employees were friendly. Thanks again for the great service. Keep it up.

~Arun Mishra, Chicago, March 24, 2007, General

I am very happy with services provided by ICICI and wish more success in near future.

~Ab Razak shaikh, Surat, March 25, 2007, General

I am an ICICI customer since 2000. I have an account in Trivandrum. My nature of job demands frequent transfers. Just because I am holding an account with ICICI, all my banking problems are solved. All my queries are solved by e-mail. Its one of the finest bank in the world. Kudos to ICICI bank and its staff.

~N M Venkatesan, Bhatinda, March 26, 2007, General

I had availed a personal loan from ICICI Bank. I must state here that the services provided during the loan tenure was of the highest quality and liasoning with staff was excellent. I was always given a patient hearing and whenever I had any queries there was a positive and promptly response received from your end. I want to thank you for your services and I would recommend ICICI bank to others desirous of availing the various banking facilities.

~Stanley Timothy, March 26, 2007, Personal Loan

Banking with ICICI now is so easy and fast, it is very much suitable for people like us who travel more at unknown cities. Through net, everything is possible to manage things, need not go personally everywhere we can access from net itself. Thanks for such excellent service.

~Nitin Nikam, Bangalore, March 27, 2007, Net Banking

I have been banking with ICCI from the last 4 years and my confidence in you is increasing day by day. I have my saving a/c, housing loan a/c, insurance policy, child education policy, fixed deposits, recurring deposits with ICICI. I have been lucky enough to have 100% confidence with 0% complaints. I love you ICICI. Without you, life would have been very difficult. Congratulations to all. KEEP IT UP

~Divya Vohra, Faridabad, March 27, 2007, General

I had taken a truck loan from bank. My truck met with an accident due to this my some installment got delayed and over dues occurred in my loan. Mr. Anurag rectified the wrong over dues and after that I deposited the pending dues. As I want to sell the required vehicle to other person and the vehicle has to be transferred in his name before 31.03.2007, I had requested the bank to provide me the NOC before 31st. Mr. Anurag processed my closure request and hand over the NOC to me with in committed time period. During the tenure of my loan with the bank, I had received full co-operation and support of service staff. I am extremely delighted and satisfied with the services of bank.

~Vinod Kumar Verma, March 28, 2007, Loan

We got our property registered successfully. Thank you very much for your timely help in getting us the home loan sanctioned on time. You processed our application very fast which helped us in many ways in getting the benefits.

~Suresh Shivanna, March 29, 2007, Home Loan

Since my college days, I was a customer of ICICI bank. I started with a student account then salary account. Now, I am happily using their Money2India feature. I would like to appreciate ICICI’s net banking team for maintaining the world class banking application.

~Subbu Vaduguri, Hartford, March 30, 2007, Net Banking

During our short visit to India in January this year, we visited ICICI bank Madhya Marg Sector-9D Chandigarh. The help rendered by the Branch Manager, Rohit Goyal is much appreciated. Our special thanks to Manpreet Kaur-Relationship Manager. Manpreet possesses strong customer service skills. She is polite and helpful. We found her an intelligent and hardworking girl who has entire knowledge of her job position. We wish every success in her life. Also we are thankful to the other staff who helped us.

~ Ramesh Kumar Sharma and Anoop Gautam, Auckland, March 31, 2007, General

I am associated with your bank for the past 3 years and also hold a credit card besides a car loan and I am impressed by the impeccable and timely service provided by you I seldom have to visit your branch things get sorted out through your help line and internet services very good indeed. Keep it up in the future.

~ Prodyut Pal, Ahmedabad, March 31, 2007, General

I have had the best banking experience with ICICI Bank, though I bank with others as well both Foreign & Private Banks. The technology ICICI uses is far ahead from others. I have a personal loan, auto loan, credit card & savings account & all with one view on Internet banking. Its amazing & lot of fun to use Internet banking. I have successfully done it for past two years and am confident for the future. Last but not the least the Internet banking is fastest of ICICI Bank in comparison to any other bank.

~ Mohit Gupta, Pune, March 31, 2007, Net Banking

I hold my savings account with ICICI bank and recently I got a mail that my new grid based debit card is sent through blue dart courier. When I enquired about it, I found that the card was returned to the bank. As I have a tight schedule in my office, I could not go to my branch, so just wrote a mail to the concern department. I immediately got a call back and they promised me my card will be sent within a week and I received it as said. I really appreciate ICICI bank for the customer care.

~ Sreekanth Goud, Hyderabad, March 31, 2007, General

I didn't know how to react when I got a call from you yesterday. I would not have got this issue sorted without your help. I am really thankful for your effort. I am grateful to be associated with your bank.

~Lt Thirumalvalavan, March 31, 2007, General

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