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I would like to share my experience and compliment one of your executive, Ms. Shikha Puri, in Branch banking in Pitampura Branch. She has extended all possible help to me whenever I approached her for any help and guidance. Since, now most of the private banks only concentrate on their targets rather than customers, it is really nice to see even such employees in bank who can devote time to customers and help them in every possible manner with better understanding. KUDOS to her....

~ Deepak Malik , New Delhi, June 1, 2007, Branch Banking

I have been banking with you since 2001 and over the years I have been getting tremendously good response from you. I am associated with you for Savings and Current account, Demat account and online trading, Bonds, Home loan, Credit cards. The ambience, the warmth, and the user-friendly systems that you have employed can be compared to none. Hats off to you for maintaining the good services and elevating banking sector in India to International standards.

~ Sanjay Oswal, Pune, June 1, 2007, General

It really gives unique pleasure to put on my record the overall customer satisfaction approach of your team members , Ms. Reshma and Ms. Archana and all. They have demonstrated the professional approach and have fully utilized their empowerment abilities for the betterment of the customers. The positive response and action of your staff members will go long way in building the sound banking empire ,which I am sure. This is one of the reason to bank with ICICI Bank.

~ N S Potdar, June 2, 2007, Home Loan

I am pleased by the online support given by the customer care of ICICI. My queries get resolved immediately and they are really fast and to the point in the problems resolution. Warm appreciation to the banking revolution brought by ICICI. I have been with ICICI, since my college days, when I had received a free debit card and a student account from ICICI. It has been a pleasant experience to bank with you. I have been using almost all facilities like demat trading/ loans/ credit cards from ICICI. Thanks for understanding banking needs of Nascent India and making strong and fast march in Indian banking. All the very best to this journey of excellence..

~ Amol Pacharne, Mumbai, June 2, 2007, General

I hold ICICI savings bank account. Recently, my complaint was addressed in a very professional manner and with remarkable speed. I place my thanks and sincere appreciation for Mr.Najamuddin, Mr Manas and Mr Prasad for all the patient help they have provided me. Really people like these are the main pillars of organization’s GOOD WILL. Hats off to all of you who are serving for the same........

~ Arindam , Bangalore , June 2, 2007, General

Its great to have such a bank in countries like India (considered to be a developing country) it makes me feel that we are no more a developing country after learning the kind of instant services ICICI bank provides .Its online banking system is awesome. Keep it up ICICI!

~ Subhankar Sarkar , June 3, 2007, General

I had availed a loan from ICICI and would like to share my sincere appreciation towards the wonderful work done by the Team - Ayya Durai (Counsellor), Raman Krishnamoorthy (Credit) and Mr. Harihara Sudhan (Sales). I had a very short window to close the deal and there were many procedures to be compiled with. The team really worked hard in order to meet all of the requirements and get the loan approved .My special thanks to Ayya durai who relentlessly ran across the city in the hot sun and made this happen. I wish him good luck in his career. Keep the good work.

~ A Hussian Thameezdeen, June 4, 2007, Home Loan

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Shalini Prathap and her team for her valuable time and kind efforts taken in following up the matter closely with your department to resolve issues. Thanks for your calls confirming status on various requests such as document request, foreclosure check status, document request and refund on overdue. Kindly pass on my best regards and wishes to Ms. Shalini and their team. She has natural attitude that serves the customer interest. When I explained the situation the first question she asked me was "When are you going back?” that shows her attitude on serving customer and understanding their situation.

~ Sathyanarayanan Gangadaran, June 4, 2007, Home Loan

I had always been averse of taking loans but I am really impressed and surprised to see the quick processing and co - operation given by ICICI Bank. Nidhi Daruka - BCM had committed me to handover the cheque in 3 days and she has fulfilled her commitment which let me honor my further commitments. Her co-operation, sincerity and dynamism is really very remarkable and I congratulate her and ICICI Bank for achieving new parameters while maintaining consumer relations. I wish you a bright and successful future.

~ Anil Chopra, June 6, 2007, Loans

I hold savings account in ICICI bank from last 2 yrs and I never faced any problem during these six years. I have taken my personnel loan and it was really smooth process. I am really impressed with their quick service and good customer care team. I think ICICI is responsible for bringing revolution in Indian banking industry.

~ Vimala , Chennai, June 6, 2007, General

We wish to convey our sincere appreciation to Rohit and his team who have always been very efficient and prompt in servicing us. We can simply rely on your services and expertise to resolve the issues related to our accounts with your branch. We cherish this long outstanding relationship and wish it grows further.

~ Bhushan Steel Limited, June 8, 2007, General

I have savings account in ICICI bank I have never faced any problems. Now I used the credit card of ICICI bank, it has transparency in statement. I'm happy that I have the best services of ICICI bank.

~ Rakesh Soni, Vadodara, June 9, 2007, General

The service of ICICI Bank , both banking and cards are really good. And I enjoy availing of your services every time I go for a purchase, whether it is online or in person. I wish all the best to ICICI to continue striving towards maximum customer satisfaction.

~ Sathiyam KG , Chennai , June 12, 2007, General

I’m a customer since 2004, I’m very happy with all the services of ICICI, I have both savings & credit card accounts. So continue to keep up the good work.

~ D.pavithra , Chennai, June 16, 2007, General

It’s really a wonderful experience to bank with ICICI. You have everything at your fingertips. Hats off to you all.

~ Jaspal Singh Chandi , Panipat, June 17, 2007, General

I am really impressed by the kind of service provided by you. Especially I want to praise the Internet banking facility provided by you which makes life easier for people like me. Also I would like to mention about the chequebook service I received. Within 4 days of filling up the form I received the chequebook at my changed address. This is really commendable. BEST WISHES!!! Keep the Momentum going. I am proud to be associated with this bank.

~ Amit Maheshwari, Haridwar, June 19, 2007, General

I take this opportunity in congratulating Customer Care of ICICI and NRI services department for their strong desire in serving such a huge customer base. They are really pillars of the Bank as most customers depend on Internet Banking due to the IT revolution. NRI customer base shall have no regrets in choosing ICICI services, as the team of Customer Care is highly professional and well trained.

~ D J S Beloor , Doha , June 19, 2007, NRI

I really appreciate the service which I got from your employee Mr.Vishal Gore who helped every customer by giving pleasant and time-to-time service. My heartiest congratulations to him for the service he gave me. Hope in future each and every customer will get the same. I proudly say that "Mr. Vishal Gore is amongst the pillars of ICICI BANK. Again thank you for giving the best services to me.

~ Kaushik S. Ghate, June 19, 2007, General

I appreciate Kiran & Venkat’s coordination and demonstration of patience in clarifying the questions of the customer. And getting the loan application processed in quick turn around time, approximately in 30 minutes was amazing. You people have displayed values of customer centricity, thanks for your help.

~ K Shashidhar Roy, June 21, 2007, Loan

I really want to appreciate your online and mobile services. The way you rendered support to your customers is highly commendable. I had applied for my Internet Banking password, your customer care executive told me the same will be delivered to me in seven days but it was delivered to me on the third day itself. Good and very professional.

~ Navneet Sharma, Faridabad, June 22, 2007, General

I would like to thank the excellent service provided to me by one of your staff Miss Priya, of ICICI JP Nagar 6th Phase Branch, Bangalore. I had made an online transfer to a wrong account number. When reported this incident, she took the ownership of resolving the issue, right from contacting the other account holder till crediting it back to my account. She constantly showed high level of energy for providing the solution, showed a great deal of empathy and took up the initiative to get the things done. It is this kind of people who makes the magic work in customer service. Thanks a lot for going that extra mile. Her service is really appreciable.

~ Nibesh Peter, Bangalore, June 22, 2007, General

I am having a savings account with ICICI for last 9 years and have never once thought of switching to another bank. This itself speaks of the service and customer care of our number one bank in terms of customer service. Kudos to ICICI.

~ Vignesh, Mumbai, June 23, 2007, General

I have been a very satisfied customer with ICICI bank for more than five and half years now. Thanks for your excellent and outstanding support. The mobile alerts given to debit and credit card holders is a wonderful innovation.

~ Rajasekar, Vellore, June 23, 2007, General

I have my savings account in ICICI bank from last 9 yrs and I never faced any problem during these nine years. I have taken my home loan from ICICI bank and it was really a smooth process. I am really impressed with their quick service and good customer care team. I think ICICI is responsible for brining revolution in Indian banking industry.

~ V.S.Prabhavathi, Hyderabad, June 25, 2007, Home Loan

Have been banking with ICICI since 2002. I am very much happy with their Internet Banking. I rarely visit bank branches. Most of my transactions happen online or through
ATM's. Overall the services are good.

~ Nishant Sharma, Mumbai, June 25, 2007, Net Banking

I really appreciate Ratandeep’s help regarding my queries. I never expected such a prompt reply. I am really impressed the way he told me everything over the phone in such a simple way. You made my day. All the Best for your future.

~ Ashok Thakur, June 25, 2007, General

I would like to thank Rupa for her excellent service towards helping me to avail my personal loan from your esteemed bank. This has been an excellent service with outstanding co-operation and communication from your side. I really appreciate your kind effort. Also, I would like to thank you for your kind help and prompt service towards paying off my ICICI credit card debit balances. I will surely come back to you in future for any service, as and when I need. Once again thanks for your kind co-operation and support.

~ Subhasis Aich, June 26, 2007, General

ICICI has changed the way banking needs to be done, with excellent Internet Banking facility, very organized bank staff and very flexible bank timings.

~ Nishit Shivnani, Pune, June 26, 2007, General

The mobile alerts given to debit and credit card holders is a wonderful innovation. Any time you loose your card or any successful attempt is made you will be alerted. This helps us to communicate with ICICI Bank and get the transactions stopped on the card. An excellent customer service initiative.

~ Rajeshwari, Hyderabad, June 26, 2007, Credit Card

After banking for last about 20 years with various banks, now at this stage I realize what actual banking is with ICICI. Honestly it feels that bank is at my home & I am really happy & satisfied with all the services. I wish you a great success in the coming period. Lot of time, energy is saved with all the services under one roof.

~ Rajesh Shah, Mumbai, June 27, 2007, General

I want to compliment you for kind of prompt service you provide to your valued customers. I am really at ease knowing that I can securely shop from Internet by your Infinity gateway. I hold account with you since 4 yrs. In this period I never experienced any let downs by your service.. Keep it up...

~ Vohra Aliraza, Baroda, June 28, 2007, General

I take pleasure to extend my gratitude to your kind staff (Ms. Rachna Soneji) for helping me out in the utmost professional way. It was a small matter of a bank DD payable at Mumbai from my Delhi a/c but the matter was dealt with efficiency and smile. Keep up the good work!!

~ Captain Chakshu Biala, June 28, 2007, General

This is an appreciation for Ms. Sunita Gupta, Service Manager, Customer Services, Credit Cards ICICI Bank. Bank really need employees like her as she has actually gone an extra mile & helped me a lot in solving my queries & issues on the credit card.

~ Amit, Delhi, June 29, 2007, Credit Card

I have been bank customer since its inception at Ahmedabad. I am very much satisfied with services offered by the bank and particularly by a concerned employee whom I have approached any time. Even being away from hometown services offered by the branch is excellent.

~ Piyush Parikh, Ahmedabad, June 30, 2007, General

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