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SME Dialogue

A milestone initiative by ICICI Bank, SME Dialogue has positioned ICICI bank as a thought leader in SME Banking and an opinion maker in the SME space. For the first time in its history, The Economic Times created a special mast-head within the main edition (pan India) for its partner sponsor, ICICI Bank.

This campaign which lasted for 52 weeks consisted of a full page presence in The Economic Times every week. The page contained insightful articles on the SME sector, senior management's views and ICICI Bank advertisements. ICICI Bank in association with The Economic Times, followed-up the campaign with ground events across multiple locations through dedicated SME forums.

ICICI Bank's SME Dialogue succeeded in servicing the SME sector by highlighting best practices of successful SMEs and enabling sharing of business-critical sector. This initiative also made ICICI Bank synonymous with the issues concerning SMEs and placed it as a thought leader in SME Banking among the banking fraternity. The role of ICICI Bank's SME Dialogue has been acknowledged by stakeholders like other banks and IT multinationals as well as regulators like the RBI.