Vendor / Dealer Finance

Vendor / Dealer Finance

ICICI Bank's Vendor / Dealer Finance solves your cash flow needs and ensures smooth running and development of your business. You get funds conveniently, on time and at a reasonable cost.

ICICI Bank offers Bill Discounting services to vendors of large Indian corporates, including priority sector companies. Once the company accepts the bills drawn by you, they may be discounted by us. Discounting rate is linked to the tenor based IBR. Limit is outside the banking arrangement of the Corporate, and recourse is to you. In case the corporate is not willing to accept a bill of exchange, you can also opt for our Invoice Discounting facility.

Vendor Bill Discounting

Vendor Bill Discounting is the solution for your working capital requirements. If you are a vendor with a turnover of Rs. 2 crore, ICICI Bank's Vendor Bill Discounting can solve your business cash flow needs. This helps you meet your working capital needs, and allows you to access funds at competitive interest rates.

The ICICI Bank Edge
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Quick transaction delivery

ICICI Bank's Dealer Financing

ICICI Bank's Dealer Financing schemes are available to selected dealers of large corporates. You can avail short-term unsecured finance to procure goods from corporates. These may be on a non-recourse basis or in some cases, corporate recourse by way of First Loss Deficiency Guarantee. The corporate provides non-financial comforts like Stop Supply Letter, Assistance in Recovery & Resale. All payments due to you must be routed through our accounts.

Dealer financing may be in the form of Bill Discounting or an Overdraft facility. Term facility is available for purchase of assets.

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