News Room - 2015

ICICI Bank launches ‘Mortgage Guarantee’ backed loans for affordable housing sector(pdf version)
-August 26, 2015

ICICI Bank launches ‘Smart Vault’, a fully automated locker(pdf version)
-August 18, 2015

ICICI Bank launches ‘ICICI Bank Saral-Rural Housing Loan’ at base rate(pdf version)
-August 10, 2015

ICICI Bank launches ‘Creative Masters’ 2015(pdf version)
-August 07, 2015

Unconsolidated Financial Results - June 30, 2015
-July 31, 2015

Performance Review: Quarter ended June 30, 2015(pdf version)
-July 31, 2015

ICICI Bank introduces convenient recharge facility for Delhi Metro commuters at mRUPEE outlets(pdf version)
-July 27, 2015

ICICI Bank upgrades its mobile banking app, offers more than 100 services(pdf version)
-July 07, 2015

Reduction in Base Rate(pdf version)
-June 25, 2015

ICICI Bank partners with to offer easier trade finance for Indian SMEs(pdf version)
-June 22, 2015

ICICI Bank introduces voice recognition for biometric authentication(pdf version)
-May 25, 2015

ICICI Bank opens its first branch in China(pdf version)
-May 16, 2015

Unconsolidated Financial Results - March 31, 2015
-April 27, 2015

Performance Review - Quarter and Year ended March 31, 2015(pdf version)
-April 27, 2015

ICICI Bank launches ‘Tap n Pay’ in arrangement with Tech Mahindra(pdf version)
-April 20, 2015

ICICI Bank launches ‘ICICI Bank Unifare Bangalore Metro Card’ in partnership with BMRCL(pdf version)
-April 15, 2015

ICICI Bank reduces home loan rates by 25 basis points for all existing and new customers(pdf version)
-April 14, 2015

Reduction in Base Rate(pdf version)
-April 07, 2015

ICICI Bank branches to remain open on April 2, 2015(pdf version)
-April 01, 2015

ICICI Bank inaugurates its 4000th bank branch(pdf version)
-March 31, 2015

Our Branches will remain open and will operate as per regular business hours on April 2, 2015, except for branches in Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
-March 29, 2015

ICICI Bank Limited launches 'Touch n Remit' facility for NRIs in Kingdom of Bahrain(pdf version)
-March 10, 2015

ICICI Bank Ltd launches 'Video Banking' for NRIs(pdf version)
-February 24, 2015

ICICI Bank Ltd launches 'Video Banking' for NRIs(pdf version)
-February 23, 2015

ICICI Bank launches 'Pockets', India's first digital bank on a mobile phone(pdf version)
-February 10, 2015

Performance Review: Quarter ended December 31, 2014(pdf version)
-January 30, 2015

Unconsolidated Financial Results: December 31, 2014
-January 30, 2015

ICICI Bank launches banking services on Twitter(pdf version)
-January 19, 2015

ICICI Bank launches contactless credit and debit cards(pdf version)
-January 07, 2015

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicates 'ICICI Digital Village' to the nation(pdf version)
-January 02, 2015