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I hold a Corporate Salary Account in ICICI Bank. I am extremely pleased with the lightning quick service given by the bank. Recently, I had been to the Vijaynagar branch in Bangalore to get a demand draft where the DD was delivered in a flash. I would like to appreciate the services of a young guy Mr. Krishnamurthy who courteously asked me to occupy a seat, and there came my DD within the twinkling of an eye. Truly, this is what differentiates ICICI Bank from the age old banks. In a nutshell, truly a great bank to bank with!

~ Deepak Kulkarni, Bangalore, June 12, 2009, Channels -Branch Banking Experience

I opened my Saving Account in ICICI Bank Patiala last month and honestly speaking, I am quite impressed with the down to earth attitude of all the employees of this branch with whom I have interacted till date. The thing which impressed me the most was that the Branch Head himself assisted the cashier while counting the cash given by me and he even returned my excess cash given by mistake. Some employees named Mr. Jindal and Ms. Manisha also perform their jobs perfectly as I have seen them solving all the issues perfectly in least amount of time. All the best to you guys and do maintain this kind and professional spirit to help customers.

~ Jasdeep Singh, Patiala, June 23, 2009, Channels -Branch Banking Experience

Dear Sir / Madam,

The token system in your bank is a blessing. And the token issuing machines are all operational at all times around the year which is a rarity in India.

The air-conditioning in all your branches that I visited in Hyderabad and in Visakhapatnam was being maintained very well and the atmosphere was cool in spite of the heavy rush and 40+ degrees centigrade outside temperature.

The 1000 Rupee notes in the ATMs are very useful. They are clean and crisp most of the time.

The lightning fast SMSs about deposits and withdrawals and available balance are of immense utility value and convenience.

In service and efficiency, your bank beats all other banks in India by a wide margin.

Superb performance in all respects and being consistently maintained too. That is simply great.

Feel lucky to have a bank like ICICI Bank in India.

Best wishes,

~ V. Srikrishna , Visakhapatnam, June 27, 2009, Channels -Branch Banking Experience

It is not with one or two employees of ICICI Bank that I am happy with. I am extremely happy with the entire ICICI Bank family for the support that they provide. The most important thing that I observed is ICICI Bank treats customers as customers and strives towards building a long relationship with them. To this day, I have always tried comparing the services of other banks with those of ICICI Bank and I find no other bank even close to ICICI Bank in terms of services. You guys have redefined banking. Great job!

~ SriSamSri, Bangalore, June 09, 2009, Channels-Customer Care

I have an ICICI Bank Savings Account and it has always been a great experience with the services. I specifically want to appreciate the Net Banking comfort, and promptness of the service team. The Net Banking Portal is very user friendly and gives a wide range of services.

Surely, it speaks volumes when it comes to customer service and it always reconfirms the trust we place in the bank.

Thank you ICICI Bank.

~ J. Rajesh Kumar, Erode, June 09, 2009, Products - Deposits


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