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I have been a very satisfied customer with ICICI bank for more than one and half years now. I hold a salary account as well as a credit card .I believe your customer care team is very well trained and most of the times they educate the customers in a fine manner about all services. Just now I spoke to "NIKITA" who I believe is with the sales team (credit card) handling up gradations and co -credit cards) who explained the complete procedure in very less time and efficient manner. Keep up the good job. Best wishes for future.

~Arpit Srivastava , Pune, April 1, 2007, General

The mobile alerts given to Debit and Credit Card Holders is a wonderful innovation. Any time you loose your card or any successful attempt is made you will be alerted. This helps us to communicate with ICICI Bank and get the transactions stopped on the card. An excellent customer service initiative.

~M R Ramakrishnan , Hyderabad, April 1, 2007, General

The customer service is great. Very prompt phone banking unlike other banks. The wait time is almost Nil.

~Fredrick Correa , Mumbai, April 1, 2007, Home Loan

The relationship with ICICI has been really nice. The services are really fast and does match current customers requirement/satisfaction to the fullest in today’s fast moving scenario. Thank you for the services.

~ Amit Bhambhani , Delhi , April 1, 2007, General

I am customer of ICICI bank from past few years. I am thankful to all your staff of 24-hour customer phone banking especially Mr.Amit Gunjikar who had assisted me. I am happy and impressed by full support and guideline of ICICI bank customer care and all executives. Will continue to be a customer of ICICI & would ask more & more people to seek & avail the services of ICICI... Cheers to ICICI bank.

~Cyril Jose , Nairobi, April 2, 2007, General

Last week I cancelled a trip to Delhi purchased from Jet Airways-Luck now. I had a sale void slip & the settlement report in my pocket, so I can visit the branch, 'produce' those documents, and get the amount reversed. But, HEY!!! The amount was reversed in my account, before I could even reach the branch, which is just 5 minutes drive. The Jet person had assured a reversal in good 2-3 business days...Kudos to the bank for absolute customer delight.

~ Arun Prakash Ray , Lucknow , April 2, 2007, Credit Card

I am very thankful to all of you as you all helped me to come out from a tough situation of my house. I had left the hope of my home. But you are the guys who made it happen to get my home. I am very thank full to your team to get my housing loan cheque on time. I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Sunil & Ms. Sarika. Both of them worked like any thing without any break, to get me my housing loan cheque, which was impossible task created by some of the unknown guys. I heard "Work is Worship", but I have seen by own eyes how the people work like it is worship........!!!!!!!!

~ Vinod Maheshwari, April 2, 2007, Home Loan

I have taken home loan from ICICI bank in September 2006.I would like to convey my appreciation to the following person for resolving my queries irrespective of whatever the time I called them Mr. Nihar Patri - BCM, Guntur Branch, Andhra Pradesh I whole-heartedly appreciate this gentleman who has resolved innumerable number of queries that I have asked. He was very courteous, patient enough to listen and quick to process my needs. He was really attentive to the customer who is in Chennai and he was supportive to cater whenever need arised. He is a excellent workforce in your bank.

~ K.Venkat Suresh , Chennai , April 3, 2007, Home Loan

The customer service provided by ICICI is really instant and to the point. I would like to appreciate the instant issue resolution at various points of time by account managers such as Ganga Prasad Khanal, Manjusha Ghali, V. Kiran, K Mahaveer Choudhary etc. Cheers to ICICI for having such wonderful people to help its customers.

~Abhishek Chaudhry, Noida, April 4, 2007, General

Thank you for all the support & co-operation you extended to me in resolving the issue in regard to my ICICI Bank credit card. Your straightforward, helpful approach and attitude towards handling the problems of customers has helped me retain faith in ICICI Bank cards. I am confident that it is because of sincere people like you that bank strengthens its customer relations.

~ Ashish Saraf, April 5, 2007, Credit Card

I am very much impressed by your Internet Banking system. It is almost perfect. Your bill payment system is particularly convenient. I think ICICI bank is the future of banking in India. Its great to have a bank account with ICICI bank. The bank has almost all the facility a person looks for. My heartiest wishes to all staff and officials of the bank for their future endeavor. Thanks a lot for your help in getting my Internet banking Login Id & Password activated.

~ Santosh Rajnale , Hyderabad , April 5, 2007, Net Banking

Just spoke to Lenina at ICICI. True to my word customer service is at its best. Clear precise and to the point. She did the best which was in her hands. I’ ve never faced a smooth transaction as this with any other bank. I think ICICI is doing a great job by sensitizing their people on the same. Kudos to you guys!!!! Lenina you rock.

~ Liz, Mumbai, April 6, 2007, General

I really appreciate the customer service of ICICI bank. It happened that my documents were misplaced in mumbai floods on 26th July 2005. The bank sent me mails but I could not go to the branch. They sent their executive at my home and collected the same at a time convenient to me. That was really wonderful. ICICI is setting benchmarks for others to follow not only in banking industry but in others too. I wish you all the best and expect the same service in near future too.

~ Jayprakash, Mumbai, April 6, 2007, General

First of all, I would like to say that ICICI bank is the best bank in terms of services and customer relations in India and abroad as well. The services like internet banking is world class service and very safe in terms of security. This is the biggest private sector bank in India. I am very happy to be a part of ICICI bank family. Kudos to ICICI bank.

~Imran Khan, Mumbai, April 7, 2007, Net Banking

I am thankful to you for sanctioning me home loan. Because of your scheme I could purchase the flat in Pune Chinch wad. Your services are quick, transparent & without any trouble, I could repay the loan. Your service is so quick that immediately after last repayment I got original certificate, loan clearance certificate, final IT statement without any application/without any trouble.

~ Rameshwar Kumbhar, April 7, 2007, Home Loan

Thanks for support from Mr. Chand & Mr. Altaf for resolving my issue related to credit card. I experienced the customer service people were also well behaved & soft spoken

~ Shrinivas Kulkarni , Pune , April 9, 2007, Credit Card

I am speaking from my heart, that there are no words to describe the generous and rewarding attitude of ICICI bank towards its customers. When no other financial institution came forward to lend a helping hand, it was ICICI bank who offered the bouquets and literally helped me and my business Sri Vimaleshwar Jewels leap to the next step. Thank you ICICI bank and its dedicated staff, you are the real hope for the destitute, above all real hope for the Indian banking industry. Keep the good work going on because we are dreaming big as an SME and without you, our dreams cannot be achieved.

~ G.N.Nanda Kishore , Bangalore , April 10, 2007, General

I would like to render few words of appreciation to your Service Quality Manager at Mumbai- Ms Shanti Perumal. She took special care and was quick in responding to the query that I had raised 2 days back. I had raised the request at 5.15 pm and she was prompt in calling me back at 6.25 pm on the same with a response. I really appreciate the sense of ownership and pride she took in handling customer issues. Good job!

~ Karthik Ganapathy , Chennai , April 11, 2007, General

Spoke to Archana at your Phone Banking desk, and I simply love the way she personalized the call, very nice pitch, tone ... sounded so very friendly and helpful.... I actually got a message regarding the ECS of my ICICI prudential, the explanation was superb with all options explained. Very lovely way ... I also want to congratulate the trainers/instructors there who, I am sure are a key to the way Archana spoke to me.... Congratulations to ICICI!!!!!!!!! Keep the spirits going....

~ Dipayan Choudhury , New Delhi , April 12, 2007, General

Would like to appreciate Mr. Dhawal Patel, Mr. Amit Jha and Mr. Amit Verma of Bhilwara branch who diligently worked on my various requests and even assisted me a very good option of young star account.

~Hitesh Agarwal , Bhilwara , April 13, 2007, General

I am using ICICI BANK services from last 5 years. I am totally satisfied with the services of ICICI bank. I am doing banking with a couple of other banks also. But, I really appreciate the services what I got from ICICI BANK.. I will feel happy to suggest my friends to use ICICI BANK SERVICES... ICICI BANK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!. I want to thank Mr. Sham Bhatnagar, branch manager of ICICI bank sco 218-19, sector 34a, Chandigarh for helping me out of all the problems. I met with an accident and he helped me out in my current account.

~Ramnik Chadha , Chandigarh , April 14, 2007, General

I would like to appreciate the efforts of Mr.Anil Dsouza for calling me up on an ISD line and giving me a positive reply...All that I needed was a little bit interaction with someone. Now I am planning to open an NRI account and I would suggest all my friends in USA to open an account. Good luck and keep giving smart services.

~Gautam , Oklahoma , April 14, 2007, General

I am one of the customers of ICICI Bank from the past 2 years; Services & offerings are very good compared with other banks. It's the first bank to revolutionize the banking industry, other banks are also following the suit now. Probably down the line 5 years from now ICICI reaches the rural areas also. Keep up the good work.

~Munesh G, Bangalore, April 14, 2007, General

I am very happy with the way ICICI bank is handling its customers over all. I have a salary account, savings account and credit card with ICICI. Whenever I had a problem, ICICI officers have made a sincere effort to help me out. I place on records, my deep appreciation to team ICICI.

~NM Venkatesan, Bhatinda, April 14, 2007, General

Fauzia has been very helpful. I was worried that my card was lost, however she pacified me. She is cool headed ... basically she put an end to all my worries. I would like to congratulate her and ICICI Bank for the excellent service.

~Amit Paul, April 15, 2007, General

Thanks for your excellent and out standing support, I spoke to lot of ICICI representative but Syed Majid is great. I appreciate your way of customer approach, politeness and quick response. Once again I appreciate all your help.

~ Ranjith Kumar , Pune , April 16, 2007, General

I was in Kolkata for a visit. I had gone to ICICI bank Bhowanipore branch ATM to withdraw money. My card was rejected .I went in Miss Nidhi Jain approached me and when I explained my problem she went all out to help me. I was not carrying a chequebook but after verifying my details, she issued a cheque leaf and I was able to withdraw money. I was really impressed by her professionalism. She followed all the rules, varified all the details and still I was able to leave with my money in a short time. Her courteous manner really made my day.

~Anita Saxena , Ottawa, April 17, 2007, General

When none of the Banks were ready to give me a car loan, Rituraaj Barbora, Manager Car Loans helped me get the loan. He had really fought for my case and personally came and visited my office and residence before doing my loan. He wanted me not to bounce any installments and wanted me to register the car immediately which I have done. He has not only helped me with the Car Loan but has also helped me with all my other banking queries throughout. He has gone ahead and helped my relative and friends also with their loans and other banking issues if any. You must be wondering why I am writing to you all this and thanking you at the same time? I am doing so, as I truly believe that it is the leader like you who actually brings out the best in people like Rituraaj and his team. Would also like to re-assure you and your team that all my loans and banking will be with ICICI throughout.

~Syed Masiuddin, April 17, 2007, Car Loan

Extremely grateful to Mr. Taroon for his prompt positive action taken to settle this long outstanding matter. This is what I expected from a bank like ICICI. Once again thank you very much for all the trouble you have taken to settle this matter, though it is too small a matter for the Bank. Many thanks and kind regards.

~Narsimha Arunachalam, New Delhi, April 18, 2007, Deposits

I am very much impressed with the reception and treatment received at Trichy -main branch where I am having my NRE account for the past 4 years. I particularly thank the Manager and Ms. Rajeshwari (front desk) for the assistance provided to me during my last two trips. Keep it up!!!

~ Selva Kumar Krishnan , Abu Dhabi , April 18, 2007, General

I am very much pleased with the way "Renuka Rampal" handled my concern. The issue is completely resolved and it was a good job done by her and I am satisfied with the kind of service and response I got from ICICI. Thanks.

~Monami Sharma , Colorado Springs , April 18, 2007, General

I have working accounts with four large banks in India. By far, none has matched ICICI for the quality of services, as well as ease of use. The online banking facility is simply the best - it is very rare that I need to call up customer care - there are no problems to solve.

~Prashant, Mumbai, April 20, 2007, Net Banking

I spoke to Adal at your Phone banking desk, and I simply like the way he personalized the call, very nice pitch, tone ... sounded so very friendly and helpful. I actually got a message regarding the ECS of my ICICI Prudential; the explanation was superb with all options explained. Very well ... I also want to congratulate the trainers/instructors there who, I am sure are a key to the way Adal spoke to me.... Congratulations to ICICI!!!!!!!!! Keep the spirits going....

~ KK Mukhopadhyay , Navi Mumbai , April 21, 2007, General

I found Ms Sabrina Kazi (Officer) of Mahalaxmi branch was of great help and the proceeds were credited on the same day. I place on record her efficiency and smiling services a great asset for ICICI BANK.

~Dattatreya Vishwanath Pant, Mumbai, April 21, 2007, General

I spoke with Rajyasree Kalluri; she has done a great job in getting a customer back to ICICI Bank. I wish her all the best for her future career.

~Shankar Venkatachalam , Bangalore, April 21, 2007, General

I would like to appreciate Sheelam’s customer service skill. She was very helpful and provided all the information required. She is an asset to the Bank. I look forward to be talking to more officers like her.

~Papiya M, April 21, 2007, General

I am sending this e-mail to bring in to your attention the hard work and effort put in by one of your manager (Vasundra). She illustrates that she has exceptional knowledge and exhibits great professionalism, not only that but what makes her special is that she has a good understanding and heart which is very hard to come across these days. Kindly extend my appreciation to her as she proved her promptness and high professionalism that she surely differentiate herself from others. I tell you this; frankly speaking I cannot imagine ICICI without her presence. In my opinion she is an excellent ambassador. I hope you guys continue this good work and all the very best. Thank you all for helping me so quickly with this.

~Chetna Sharma Bhasin, April 21, 2007, General

I'm an Air Force Officer, presently posted at Palam, New Delhi. Being in Defence Services, we get posted to one or the other place in short span of time. I would like to mention here, ICICI Bank has really been a great support and convenient tool to look after my funds and provided me with all the financial advices from time to time. Their Internet Banking facility is simply superb! It's an Honor n Privilege to use the excellent services provided by you people. Keep up the Good work....! Cheers!!

~Pankaj Upadhyay, New Delhi, April 22, 2007, Net Banking

I have used the online complaint form on three occasions and I have found it to be an extremely effective and efficient way of getting complaints resolved. My congratulations on maintaining the TAT and the ensuring that the service complaint/issue is resolved on priority. It is indeed well managed and coordinated. Keep up the good work!!!

~Rahul Sharma, Gurgaon, April 23, 2007, General

Sudarshan has understand my concern that I am worried to disclose my ATM pin number to authenticate the call to know the User id, so he has provided the User id after verification. I would like to appreciate Sudarshan for the good work done and being professional on call.

~M Swetaranyam, April 23, 2007, General

My special thanks to Mr.Parshuram Chavan for his polite and devoted work. I think it is a very important that ICICI bank has got such eminent person.

~Sanjeev K. Ransing, April 23, 2007, General

I am customer of ICICI bank from past few years. I am thankful to all your staff of 24-hour customer phone banking. I am happy and impressed by full support and guideline of ICICI bank customer care and all executives. Will continue to be a customer of ICICI & would ask more & more people to seek & avail the services of ICICI... Cheers to ICICI bank.

~ Prabhu Suneel, Hyderabad, April 24, 2007, General

My father needed cash urgently, but he didn't have any cheques, we went to draw cash from ATM, but the card didn't come our, it happened on Sunday, 22nd April. We visited our branch (Bhowanipur, Kolkata) and reported the matter. The officer there, Shveta, helped him a lot, and we made a draft that met our requirement. Thanks for this service.

~ Subhasish Sur , Kolkata , April 24, 2007, Branch Banking

I am your customer for the last two years, your services really impress me a lot, and I really appreciate your level of service. Also, whenever I send an email regarding my queries, I really got a satisfied response from your customer care representatives. Also last week I spoke to a customer representative, I am sorry I really forgot his name, he was very polite, and he cleared all my queries. Once again, I thank ICICI.

~ Magesh Kumar, Chennai, April 25, 2007, General

Thanks a ton Taroon for your sustained interest in the matter, leading to its logical conclusion. Feels really wonderful as a customer to see real customer empathy on the part of the senior quality management of ICICI.

~Binay Gupta, April 25, 2007, Deposits

Thanks Sandhya for your quick, prompt and efficient service, which has led to solution of my problem. Thanks to you once again for your effective service.

~ U. K. Dwivedi, April 26, 2007, Deposits

I have been a very satisfied customer with ICICI bank for more than one and half years now. I hold a salary account as well as a credit card. I had problems in getting new debit card delivered but it is resolved now. Further, I wish to appreciate and thank Pavani Pendyala for the efforts she put for the same. Have a nice day!

~ Satish Singh, Vadodara, April 27, 2007, General

I would like to thank Jatin Mashru for the excellent customer service provided by you, although I am aware that this matter is far from over but what I really appreciate is your will to help your customer. Issues come and go but the process of experiencing these issues stays for a long time. As they say,” there is no one who knows it all and the one who knows more is no more great that the one who knows where to find what he needs" and you were able to find what I needed and channelize it, follow up with me, follow up again, yet again and finally when you had the tools to move, you did not waste any time and did what you had to do to help me. I feel more confident in my dealings with ICICI now as I know it also has people like you who can and will help its customers. Please pass on this message to your supervisors and I am sure you will go a long way in your career.

~Prakash Kanayalal Katariya, April 27, 2007, General

I got my house registered on Thursday, 5th April 2006. I wanted to thank Pradeep, Paresh and Darshan for giving so much support, in terms of closing all the formalities in double quick time and ensuring that my work, in terms of running around, gets minimized. All the legal inputs from Ram, the information which I needed, in terms of tasks related to Co-operative housing societies were all given in time and with lot of patience, which helped in early closure of the registration activities. Also the refund from Samarth of the advance which I paid was arranged in quick time and seamlessly. My experience was very good and keep up the good work.

~Ravi Narayanan, April 28, 2007, Home Loan

I had just talked to Veena on customer care, she has cleared my doubts which were prevailing in my mind from last few days, i.e. regarding the new bank charges. In my opinion ICICI customer care is the best customer care as it takes very less time to attend the customers.

~ Himanshu Jalota, Mumbai, April 30, 2007, General

After trying two other option (since end Feb'07) for getting personal loan for buying a residential plot, I contacted ICICI & Ms Hemavathi; the team leader helped me in getting the loan in flat 6 days. Though I could have saved on the interest, the speed was very important. There are lot many things for the Nationalized banks to see, feel & follow from ICICI.

~ Sekar, Hosur, April 30, 2007, Loan

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