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Dear ICICI Bank Team,
My account was recently shifted from ICICI Bank, Hyderabad to ICICI Bank, Anand Vihar, Delhi. My account number is 033001003025. I just wanted to put in some good words about the team at ICICI Bank, Anand Vihar, Delhi. I am an old customer of ICICI Bank. In addition, the account which I hold with ICICI Bank branch is a corporate account. I've been to several branches of ICICI Bank, but the customer friendliness, dedication and commitment which I found at AV branch was wonderful and the best. Then I came to AV branch. I met one of the team members, NEHA THAKUR. She told me about all the details of the account transfer process. I had some issues during transfer: like there was one suspended account linked to the account being transferred, but she got them resolved herself. Not only did she track each issue personally but also kept me updated on my mobile. It has been around 2-3 months after becoming a customer of the AV Branch. I still keep visiting the branch for some or the issue and I am very happy to tell you that all my problems were solved within the mentioned time and every time it was Ms. Neha Thakur who resolved my problem. I just wanted to appreciate her effort, hard work, dedication and commitment.

~Amar Deep Gupta , Delhi, May 21 2008, General

Best compliment to your Noida Sector-18 Branch Manager. I mention the following positive points in her leadership for the team of branch. 1. Taking feedback from waiting customers, she has minimized the waiting period in queue. 2. She is taking effort to motivate the team to give the maximum output. 3. The number of cash counters has gone up in the branch of Sector 18 Noida. 4. Being an old customer of ICICI Bank, I now see a big positive difference thanks to her leadership and improvement in branch operations. Now I am fully satisfied with the services of Sector-18 branch of Noida. 4. I would give 9 marks out of 10 for best performance towards customers like me. I congratulate her personally and ask senior management to give awards to her as well as other managers like her.

~Anil Sharma, Noida, May 8, 2008, General

I have been an ICICI Bank customer for 4 or 5 months, I am very proud of being customer for ICICI Bank. Am very much pleased about the service you render for your customer. Any time any help needed it is easy for me to contact the help desk. I would like to specially thank the Internet Banking team because I have frequently mailed and called them to solve my issues. I appreciate their commitment towards customer satisfaction. Continue doing good work...

~ Meera Bharani, Chennai , May 02, 2008, General

I am really very happy with the Service and Support provided by ICICI Bank. I was always impressed with your service when I had a resident saving account with ICICI Bank and now when my account is converted to NRO I feel it’s a lot better than before. I am scared because this might make me feel extremely lazy and dependent on ICICI Bank and the benchmark for other banks to satisfy my requirements are simply gone too high after dealing with ICICI Bank. The accessibility and availability of your branches and ATM is very convenient too. I have been banking with ICICI Bank for the past 6 years now and it’s just on some rare occasions that ICICI Bank has made me look down on its reputation. The staff is very helpful and polite. They understand the human aspects of customers and the managers have shown appreciable consideration. I hope ICICI Bank never makes me loose its impression in my mind and continues with its awesome service throughout. Thanking all the ICICI Bank staff and management from Pune Mumbai and Portia from Kolkata NRI Customer support for being so patient and helpful during my account conversion form filling procedure.

Mr. Pardeshi

~ Chandraprakash Pardesi, Pune, May 30, 2008, NRI

It makes me proud to be a part of ICICI Bank family. I have been a customer of ICICI Bank for the last 4 years and felt that day-by-day services are improving. There is no decline in the quality of service. ICICI Bank is ready to respond even on minor queries immediately, which makes me feel very comfortable. The best thing is that I can operate my account from any part of the world in a very secured manner, which makes me really confident when I go abroad, I will be able to help my near ones any time with fund transfer facility. I thank from my heart to ICICI Bank for giving such good quality of service.

~ Gaurav Kumar Jhunjhunwala, Bangalore, May 26, 2008, General

I am very happy and proud to have ICICI Bank products with me, not only because of the value of the products but also because of the fast, prompt and positive response and support shown by them. I hold more than 5 products of ICICI Group, and until now whenever I approached them with a concern, I received only positive feedbacks and actions from them. Thumbs up to ICICI Bank! Keep up with the good customer support. No wonder why ICICI Bank has become the best service provider in the industry. I feel providing products is not a big deal but providing customer support is the big challenge. ICICI Bank has become a model for competitors. Thank you and keep up the good work.

~ Kuttam Suresh Kumar., Vizag, May 25, 2008, General

I was tracking my New SB Account. I went to to the 24-hour Customer Care Phone Banking and the operator responded very soon, not only helped me in search of the status of my account but told the account no also and also told me that my ATM card is also being despatched. It gave me the joy which I can not express in words. Really, customer support of your bank is marvelous and friendly. Please keep it up to the expectations of the customer.  Thanks to the whole customer care support team.

~ Mujeebullah, New Delhi, May 13, 2008, Deposits

I would just like to say "You rock in the banking part providing the customers with the fastest services ever expected by anyone." Also ICICI Bank has brought a new revolution in the banking world with its  latest technologies. Employees of the bank also need to be appreciated because they are the major contributors to the success of bank with their decent and cool attitude and help the customers go a long way. Keep the spirits High always, we are there with you!

~Nikhil Shinde, Navi Mumbai, May 16, 2008, General

Dear ICICI Bank Team, I recently opened an account with ICICI Bank and the efficiency of the entire process has left me completely in awe of your service. While being in Singapore, I never knew opening an account in ICICI Bank could be so speedy and hassle-free. Your officer, Mr Jesdeep Singh patiently guided me through the form and explained every detail very carefully. Even if there were times when I could not understand, he always maintained his calm, patience and friendly disposition. His interaction manner with customers was very impressive. I owe my deepest gratitude to him for making this account opening successful. Mr Dave Banerjee is another officer who displayed exemplary behaviour. Both officers followed up with me on the status of my account, being committed in every step with their calls and the friendly greeting. Truly indeed, I am still grasping the fact that these 2 officers made my transaction with your bank smooth, efficient and quick. They have put in the personal human touch which is essential in today's world. I am truly impressed with ICICI Bank and I look forward to future interactions.

~ Reena Rai, Singapore, May 16, 2008, Deposits

I am an old customer of ICICI Bank (almost 8 years now). I am a user of almost all the products - credit card, home loan, SB and insurance. However, I had a very bitter experience in 2005 and cancelled my CC and moved out my salary account to another bank. However, I must say that the service over this period has improved drastically and I am very happy with the responsiveness of the bank (that was a big issue earlier). The Internet Banking processes are just fantastic. Thanks for the changes. You will be happy to know that I am moving my salary account back to ICICI Bank.

~ Sanjeev Sahgal, Mumbai, May 28, 2008, General

My Home Loan account (LBCHE00001223558) had an incorrect interest entry that had to be reworked. I approached the Phone Banking and branches in Chennai since October 2007 with very poor response and NO progress. On 7 May 2008, I called Customer Care and explained the concern to a Customer Relationship Officer(I forgot his name). He was very polite and understood the 6-month old tale and created SR65344635, that led to a refund within 20 days. I am thankful to the CRM who addressed my phone call on 7 May 2008. Kindly pass on this message of appreciation to the concerned executive and his manager.

~Sylvester A Prasanna, Chennai, May 26,2008, Home Loan

It is a ‘CUSTOMER BANK’ I am a customer of ICICI Bank for the last three years. This bank incomparable with any other bank in terms of the service they provide to the customers. The add-on facilities like Mobile Alerts, Internet Banking, Online Funds Transfer, Bill Payments are really superb for the people who travel extensively like me! Even the credit card service is the best in the country with tie-up with lots of other partner companies. Last week I lost my ICICI Debit Card, and within 5 minutes, I was able to block that card and save my money! Within a few hours I got new debit card.

And iMobile, first of its kind in the country, is a wonderful innovation from ICICI Bank.

I am proud to be an ICICI Bank customer.

Hats off to ICICI Bank ...

~ Varun, Bangalore, May 6,2008,General

Very speedy redressal of issue. Outstanding customer service.

~ Cedric Vaz, Bangalore, May 30,2008, Home loan

Excellent interaction and good understanding of problems. Friendly atmosphere. Customer centricity is highly commendable and appreciable.

~ G. Ranganayakulu, Bangalore, May 30, 2008, Home loan

Dear Sirs, I am one of your customers. This letter is about my feedback of your service, which I got in your Pondicherry branch. (Ref:PY01 V 9963 Bajaj Ct100 PY01 AH 0203 Indica Car). I went to the loan branch in Pondicherry and met Mr.Krishnaprakash reg closing of loans. He welcomed me with a smile. The approach of Mr.Krishnaprakash was really fantastic.I have closed my both loans very fast. He committed to me that NOC will reach me within 7 working days. But I got within 3 working days itself.

~ Boobalan, May 30, 2008, Loans

I really appreciate the speedy response and a prompt email. I couldn’t have asked for more. Never in my past experiences with ICICI Bank have things moved so fast and positively. This is a welcome change! Thanks once again.

Warm regards,
Ashish Raina .

~Ashish raina, May 21, 2008, Home Loan

Thank you very much for answering all my queries related to my personal loans with ICICI Bank (LPBNG00005993306,LPBNG00007283279).I was really in a mess regarding the loan payment. The EMI deductions from my salary account really confused me a lot. I am thankful to you for clearing all my doubts. I appreciate your professionalism. Thanks.

~ Geena Chacko, May 01, 2008, Personal loan

I called ICICI Bank Customer Care for address change and my call was picked up by Priyanka Ghosh. She has very good skills. She not only updated my address but also told me some additional details which I did not know. She has given information about email ID updating, linking of Internet Banking, Savings and Credit Card accounts. Thanks Priyanka, for great Customer Care.

~ Vinod Pardesi, May 27, 2008, Deposits

I am writing to compliment the exemplary action of the Branch Manager, Coimbatore Ramnagar Branch, where I have a savings account (No. 615201505583). I was recently (on Wednesday, 7 May 2008 to be precise) in urgent need of a brief letter stating my account particulars and address from the branch in order to support my application for renewal of passport, which had to be made in unexpectedly urgent circumstances. When the other staff, including the Branch Operations Manager, turned down my request saying the letter could be issued only the following day, I approached the Branch Manager. He patiently heard me out and understood my situation. His personal intervention led to the letter being issued to me in time. Such care and concern for the customer is deeply appreciated and it is hoped that it will be extended to all customers of the bank.

~ Venkat Ramanujam Ramani, Coimbatore, May 12, 2008, Deposits

An email today and a responsive phone in the evening. Fast and to-the-point service. The person calling had a very calm and reassuring tone. It was nice to hear him. Hope my complaint gets a positive e-mail within 3-4 days as promised by the caller. Thanks a lot for the prompt and positive response.

~ Tushar H Vakilna, Surat, May 20, 2008,General

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